Backseat Critique- Are you Being Served? (The Movie)

A surreal choice for a Backseat Critique but it was requested by a Patron!



  1. I have watched all ten seasons of the show and both of Grace & Favour (what Omega calls Are You Being Served II, incidentally Wendy Richard was in it) yet somehow I have never found a copy of this movie despite being aware of it.

    And that moment when you realise all the original cast of one of your favourite sitcoms are dead… I feel sad.

  2. I can tell you that at least in the 1940s and 1950s Spanish people were considered “colored” for the purposes of the purposes of miscegenation laws.

    Also white was invented well before the civil war. Specifically it was during the secondary colonial period for the US and the secondary phase of Haitian plantations.

    • confusingly, the U.S. census is…very broad on what Latino and hispanic mean, hipsanic seems to mean has heritage from a place that speaks spanish”, latino: “latin americna heritage.

      So Brazillians are Latino but not Hispanic (since they speak Portuguese in Brazil), and Spanish people are Hispanic but not Latino (since Spain is not in “Latin America”).

      And saying you’re Latino or Hispanic doesn’t preclude being out other ethnicities as well, as far as the census is concerned: you can be white and Hispanic (Spanish people, arguably, with the whole “from Europe” thing), Asian-Hispanic/Latino Hispanic, Afro-Hispanic…

      The U.S. Census is proof that race and ethnicity are categories of convenience more than anything else.

  3. Hence why the Latino boom of movies in the early 2000s include Spanish movies as well as Bario Murders features Ruben Garfias of Itty Bitty Titty Comittee/PATRIOT Games, Stump the Band/GB2525/Fear Box’s Jojo Hendricksen and Robert Arevalo of Desperado and Full Moon starlet Nenna Quiroz.
    Surprisingly, this also includes videoshort Texas Hold’Em which includes Ramses Ignacio – star of the Kirk “Sticky” Jones film Boricua’s Bond and directed by the director of Boricua’s Bond, Val Lik. Boricua’s Bond was one of the highest of those DTV Latino gangster movies, and was coproduced by Focus Features and is owned by Universal.

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