Backseat Critique- Pep Squad

Pep Squad, a late 90s John Waters-ish satire on high school was requested by a patron. AND LO IT WAS WATCHED!



  1. One of several Columbinesploitation titles, even though IIRC it predated that. Others include American Yearbook which has despite festival love never gotten a proper release. Stars Von Scott Bair, star of the absolutely terrible Last Kennedy, a film with the strangest acting style, like people being interviewed for vox-pops.

  2. Reminded me of this American Yearbook, an unreleased Columbinesploitation with Vonn Scott Bair, who was in the awful film the Last Kennedy which has a weird acting style, like voxpops. Released by the Dutch BBC DVD afffiliate Memphis Belle DVD in the Benelux regions. Vonn also appeared in this, and the PBS short King of the Bingo Game with a pre-Princess and the Frog Anika Noni Rose.

  3. While Cecil B Demented has the best characters of any John Waters film, I think Desperate Living is a better film overall. The plot is more intricate, the sets and dialog are more polished, the acting is better, and I feel like it realized its concept in a better way.

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