Backseat Critique- The Forest

Robyn and Sarah arrived back, just in time to join Omega and Hagan in seeing THE FOREST (aka, adventures in the Japanese suicide forest).



  1. If you want to see something that intersects depression with supernatural threats, I’d say check out “Dust Devil”, if you haven’t seen it already. It’s about a demon trapped in human form who kills people in order to get glimpses of it’s “home” in the spirit word when they die. It targets people who are latently suicidal, thinking this is sort of an “everybody gets what they want” deal.

    Thing is, since they’re only latetently suicidal, they still don’t actually want to be killed. The film is very “art house”, but IMO it does a good job selling it’s main characters (including the demon) as stuck in that limbo of being emotionally unable to think of a future; not really wanting to live anymore, but not openly wanting to die yet either.

  2. Since you mentioned The Witch; yes it’s good but also very unconventional (so you’ll love it). But to give you an idea of how weird it is, I saw a screening of it with Peter Jackson and he of all people was perplexed.

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