I am quoted in an article (as though I’m an authority on anything)

International Women’s Day: Men feel left out.

It is International Women’s Day on Tuesday and men are asking if there is any day earmarked for them at all? Men around the planet are left wondering why there is a day marked exclusively for women and not one for men. Every year on March 8, the International Women’s Day, men across the globe wonder why is there no men’s day, to the extent that Twitterati has now rechristened the global event to “’International telling people when International Men’s Day is” Day, according to one user Diamanda Hagan.

Another user @williambr0wn felt as much when he said, “Happy international “where’s international men’s day” to all the international men out there today.” Taking in stride the stereotype that men usually forget everything, user Sameer L said, “There was supposed to be a #Men’sDay also but not surprisingly we forgot the date.#HappyWomensDay.”

User Abhishek Mishra echoed the statement, saying, “Today, the world is celebrating #InternationalWomen’sDay but at the time of men’s day, no one will wish it. Not even men will remember that it’s men’s day.”

Some even went to the extent of invoking JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar to fight against this “partiality”. Kumar Amritansh said, “I urge Kanhaiya Kumar to fight for #MensDay! Enough of this partiality, hum leke rahenge (we will not rest till we get it) #MensDay. #InternationalWomensDay.”

Men across the planet felt they had been dealt a rough deal. They fought on the micro blogging website against no men’s day and felt that women being first among equals is a wrong notion. User Rogue George refused to partake in the global event altogether. “I will not celebrate International Women’s’ Day until we (men) also have an International Men’s Day. That would be true equality,” he said.

They tried to console themselves as they remained hopeful of one day getting an entire day dedicated to their gender. User Tom Hidvegi said, “Happy International #WomensDay2016. One day we might celebrate an International #Men’sDay,” while user Selvam said that men do not celebrate themselves with as much pomp and show as they are simple creatures. “Men are an example of simplicity because we never celebrate Men’s day,” he said.




  1. lol, that’s awesome =D

  2. “I will not celebrate International Women’s’ Day until we (men) also have an International Men’s Day. That would be true equality,”

    I thought to myself, “This has to be fucking ironic, there’s no way even MRAs could be this stupid or disingenuous.”, and then I remembered all the numerous times that they are.

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