The great nation of Haganistan would like to stand beside the Otaku Nation in their invasion of the criminal state of ‘Haganstain’ (though we don’t know where it is). We trust that the arch-tyrant who rules it will be severely punished for stealing the mistresses name. If not, we will make sure it happens. Also, Im glad that ‘Haganstain’ seems to have a coastline, its good for a country to have one of those.. though we in Haganistan are not quite so blessed in that area.

PS: We have picked up what sounds like explosions and robots coming from a small, unidentified though perfectly peaceful country half a world away, any ideas whats going on there?


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  1. Yes! In the Mistress’s name, the wicked nation of Haganstain must be destroyed! Hail Hagan!

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