Renegade Cunt- Star Wars: The Repetitive Epic

Hidden in the darkest corners of my headcanon, Star Wars exists within Star Trek.



  1. Is it sad that I’m so much of a Star Wars AND Star Trek nerd that I knew what this video was about the moment I read the title, and almost instantly in my head went over almost everything Diamanda did in the video?

  2. Its interesting that you ended the video saying that Star Wars is a repetitive epic, just like how history repeats itself. As for The Force Awakens, I remember when I mentioned to one of my friends about how much Awakens was a carbon copy of episode 4, and he told me what I started to agree with that it had to do that. What I mean is that it needed to be episode 4, by using elements from a good movie, and be as good as a good movie in order to get back on track to where the franchise is suppose to be. We already suffered enough from the first half of the previous decade with the prequels, so being episode 4 was really the best option so far. And if you don’t fully agree with me on this, you don’t have to. You can even see Chris Stuckmann’s analyzed review of the force awakens to understand that repeating itself isn’t always a bad thing in movies. And if you don’t watch Chris Stuckmann, then why don’t you watch Chris Stuckmann?

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