Podcasts: Lesbian Talk episode 100- The 100th Episode.

It’s TIME! It’s the big 100th episode! (Yes, Ep. 99 exists, it was a patron guest co-host ep. and will be up soon!) But yeah, so, anyway…it’s our 100th episode so we took some questions from the audience and managed to touch on Dagon, being stranded on a desert island with a Smash Bros. character, and more!

Backseat Critique- The Boondock Saints

Another Patron request, you lucky people! Omega has a god and its name is The Boondock Saints, Hagan is jealous of that adulation!

Backseat Critique- Sleepaway Camp

A patron requested our thoughts on this early 80s piece of not brilliant slasher movie!

Other Peoples Stuff: If The Avengers had Basic Emotional Skills


I was one of several people who had a long Twitter convo about Captain America: Civil War and managed to inspire this brilliant piece of re-writing which makes much more sense but is less fun than the film. I’m pretty sure the obsession with mind control is me 😀

Flubs- BMX Bandits Review

A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the BMX Bandits review.

Special Review- BMX Bandits (with The Nostalgia Critic)

A Hagan, A Critic, A turncoat General and a Brian Trenchard-Smith KIDS film!?

Backseat Critique- Captain America: Civil War

Omega and Hagan did a Captain America marathon and saw the 1st showing of Civil War in the city. Squeeee. Not much spoilers ahead!