Renegade Cunt- X-Men: Poor Wolverine

Renegade Cunt episode 9. X-Men Days of Future Past has a really fucked up ending.

Backseat Critique- Gods of Egypt

It took 6 FUCKING MONTHS but Gods of Egypt finally arrived on our hallowed shores. Hagan and Omega are joined by a mysterious 3rd person who is as enigmatic as she is offscreen.

Cameo: Coins of McGuffin- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Abridged

I voice Rita Repulsa (badly), hopefully that wont ruin everyine elses brilliant work!

Flubs- Never too Young to Die

A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the Never too Young to Die review.

Hagan reviews Season 06 ep 06 Never too Young to Die

This film is as close to enlightenment as a piece of cinema can be.

Backseat Critique- Alice through the Looking Glass

Omega dragged Hagan to see the sequel to the shit live action Alice in Wonderland. Vengeance is needed.

Backseat Critique- Warcraft the Beginning

We saw Warcraft..FOR THE REVIEW!

Renegade Cunt- Gods Not Dead: Who Killed Sorbo

Renegade Cunt episode 8. I have a theory about the ending of Gods not Dead.

Cameos (sort of): A Les Mis fanvideo

Iv been drafted into the revolutionary French grenadiers!

Cameos- Sequentially Yours: Fandom and Loving Art

I make a cameo in the latest ep of Sequentially Yours!