Minions Try.. Maple Bacon Poptarts

Hagan, Omega, The Avatar of Decent Humour, LC and The BlockbusterChick try some random stuff including Maple Bacon Poptarts, Plantain Chips and 2 DIFFERENT KINDS OF MILK.

Backseat Critique- Dr Who and the Daleks

A Patron requested this and I and Omega were joined by retired reviewaverse folks The Blockbuster Chick and LC!

ConBravo 2016: Cards Against Celebrities.

Conventon Hopper recorded the Cards Against Humanity game that I and Omega set up at ConBravo! Also featuring Brentalfloss, Dex the Swede and Leon Thomas!

Hagan reviews Season 06 ep 08 Sugar High Glitter City

Everyone involved in this got a jolly ranchering.

Backseat Critique- Atop the Fourth Wall the Movie

We picked up a copy of Atop the Fourth Wall the Movie at ConBravo.

Backseat Critique- Suicide Squad

We saw Suicide Squad. That meant watching Suicide Squad.

Twatty New Who Review- The Sound of Drums

The unrestrained Id of a fan is aimed at the worst episodes of Doctor Who, This time its The Sound of Drums.

*I edited this before Cameron quit and didnt want to lose the pig pic.

Lets Try- ConBravo 2016

I and many others turn up in this weird crisp and cola Lets Try at ConBravo 2016!

Podcasts- Lesbian Talk ep 101: Canadian Tales

Coming to you live (well, something like that) still jetlagged from ConBravo 2016 and our holiday in Toronto. We give you the low-down on a very excellent convention, just how wet it’s possible to get at Canada’s Wonderland, and if Hagan got her money’s worth on all-you-can-eat ribs.

Podcasts- Lesbian Talk ep 99: Doctor Talk

It’s the long-awaited, long-delayed Episode 99! Long story short, we had a patron (George) on and my desktop went out of commission a few days after recording. Hagan did the sound editing on this one but the file had corrupt bits so she did her best. Join us and our patron as we get down and dirty discussing the Doctor! (and country doubling in movies!)