Podcasts- Lesbian Talk ep 101: Canadian Tales

Coming to you live (well, something like that) still jetlagged from ConBravo 2016 and our holiday in Toronto. We give you the low-down on a very excellent convention, just how wet it’s possible to get at Canada’s Wonderland, and if Hagan got her money’s worth on all-you-can-eat ribs.



  1. I’m moving to Toronto sometime. as my uncle is over there.

    Have you seen this? Pranks TV http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0183668/?ref_=ttco_co_tt – a Canadian “special interest” video by PBS’ Leslie Asako Gladsip. It fits in with the post-Stompian
    with Andrea Juno – who was in an 1980s video by Nine Inch Nails director Jon Weiss?

    Sean FIeld has been in some Canadian fare – eg Dominion the Webseries (with a lot of indie Canadian actors) and played a young Rudolph Walker in Hit for Six and Saidi’s Song with Coronation Steet’s Maynard Ezihashi (and not about foreign actors Ismael and Aymen Saidi, KarimSaidi, Canada’s Burnt Coffee/Galactica’s Mercy Saidi and Karim Saidi of Blue is the Warmest Colour )

  2. Also Seaway, another Canadian series by ITC and John Bermingham, not John Burningham or British documentarian John Bermingham, or Rock and Roll Years/Flight of the Navigator’ John Buckingham. http://www.imdb.com/find?q=john+birmingham, or John Birmingham of the London Film School’s Lashes, or the star of Troma’s Crazy Animal or 1960s Country and Music shows – or the Australian actor – star of Ozploitation He Died with a Felafel in his Hand.

  3. More Canadian stuff here.
    There’s the American model Jessica White, who shares her name with several people – one worked on Spectre, on Dove’s Season of Miracles, Co. Durham-shot Such is Life, BBC’s Click, Death Suspects A murder with Lavalantula’s Michelle Weaver, Robby devillez, Jean Marlis and Karl Andrew, Georgia State TV’s Sophomores with Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks’ Katie Adkins and the short Fireflies with Jenna McDonald – of It Didn’t Take, June and 28DaysLaterAnalysis’ Tonight she Comes. http://www.imdb.com/find?q=jessica%20white&s=nm&exact=true&ref_=fn_nm_ex
    A Jessica Whyte was in Canadian shorts Hole, the Last Halloween, the Conversation, etc (http://www.ukhorrorscene.com/the-last-halloween-2014-short-film-review/). A Jessica white also in Canadian doc Moving On, TV’s 60 mINUTES, CBS’ Survivors’ Club, documentary Bill Cunningham New York, Dave Orvis’ the Silo with Jean Plumhoff of Rudy with Sean Astin, Lonedog Productions’ Rest Stop with Lucas Dean Peterson (star of Manifesto and Hamilton and Darcy with 2 and a Half Men’s Tara Perry), a short about David Lynch by his daughter, and Graeme Hawkins and Christopher Ordaz’s 5/Danuta/through the window and Ordaz’s followup Two Hundred Thousand Dirty (http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-et-mn-two-hundred-thousand-dirty-review-20150102-story.html – assisted by Ordaz’s friend Timothy L. “At the Surface” Anderson). A Jessica White was also in Happiness is a Luxury with Tara Whitney Rison (Viewfinder)- who knows my friend Keith Lopez’s friend Maxann Harvey.

  4. Sorry for this influx of Canadian fact -j ust thought you may be interested.

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