Twatty New Who Review- Last of the Timelords

The unrestrained Id of a fan is aimed at the worst episodes of Doctor Who, This time its Last of the Timelords.

Alcon 2016 (Panels)

The Channel Awesome Panel.

Omega, Filmbrain and I answer questions for almost 2 hours.

The Cards against Humanity Panel.

CARDS! AGAINST! HUMANITY! (With Filmbrain,Omega,Masako X, Voice actor Jessica Calvello and a tonne of audience volunteers!)

Flubs- Pirates of the Great Salt Lake

A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the Pirates of the Great Salt Lake review.

Backseat Critique- Blair Witch

We’re both fans of the original and decided to check out the new Blair Witch

Special Review- Pirates of the Great Salt Lake (With Magic Steve)

Time for Hagan to pressgang a first mate and sail the stormy seas of Mormon cinema.

Backseat Critique- CarousHELL

We were sent a copy of what might be the finest killer-carousel-horse film of the year!

Lesbian Talk ep103: Raising Hellraiser with Peter Scott

Greetings, gentle listeners! This week we’re joined by patron Peter Scott to talk AlCon 2016 (which we all attended) and he delves into his ‘obscure goodies’ pile of horror movies to run a few by the great Hagan. Also, which Hellraiser film was best and why?