Twatty New Who Review- Last of the Timelords

The unrestrained Id of a fan is aimed at the worst episodes of Doctor Who, This time its Last of the Timelords.



  1. Nothing to add to this, as you say it all the stuff I noticed and more. Over the last couple of years I’ve been borrowing Nu Who box sets (you don’t think I’d buy this crap, do you?) and watching the whole thing in episode order. I’ve now finally reached last years Xmas special, and in all consideration, I have to say that a good 75% of Nu Who is crap and a good 30% of that is soul destroyingly unwatchable crap. It strange, but I have no problem rewatching episodes from the classic series, I enjoy them all, even “The Chase,” but there are stories from the RTD and Moffat eras that I find utterly tedious to the point of wanting to self-harm myself as way of distraction. I wonder why that is?

    • I have to agree; The Chase at least knew what it was; a runaround. It didn’t try to make itself deep and melodramatic. Plus it has alien looking aliens who aren’t evil, unlike the new show where most alien looking aliens are automatically evil, which is what really bugs me about New Who and is one of the reasons I stopped caring about it.

      • The all-aliens-are-evil thing was a major problem for me also. We know RTD was a big fan of Buffy and I think that’s where the idea of having “demonic monsters” came from. As early as “The Unquiet Dead” the connection was being made between monsters and immigration which I think is a very nasy and possibly racist thing to do. When Moffat took over, the all-aliens-are-evil shtick was mostly dropped, but then the new bugbear became sexism.

      • So its either a cup of xenophobia or a mug of sexism? Sheesh. What a sad fate DrWho has had. Gone are the days of clever allegory in Curse of Peladon and now we have lightning for radiation, spaceships powered by love and other stupidity I’ve forgotten about.
        Another thing that irritates me is that future in New Who looks samey and ugly, unlike the art deco of Robots of Death or the luxury liner of Mawdryn Undead. And also there’s the Victorian obsession the new show has…it needs to stop.

      • You two do have some good points. Looking back at the Davies era, Dona was the only good companion, the C on the Cybermen’s chest always bugged me on what could have easily have been the best design, the CGI sucks, even for its time, and even though I don’t hate the TARDIS interior ( the design from the second half of season 7 sucks), I still thought the interior design was too simple and too safe.

        As for Steven Moffat, its no secret that I slowly started to despise him as the years gone by, and Hell Bent was his crowning achievement. ………for making my most hated episode yet. Don’t get me wrong, he has shined in some areas in his career, and his last good episode was Heaven Sent. Not only that, but I thought half of The Witch’s Familiar was good. His obsession with the Victorian era has really gotten old, and I do know it started with the Davies era. I’m not naive on that. As for the alien looking aliens in New Who being evil, I don’t know about that. I’m not trying to think about how many of the aliens in New Who turned out to be evil and how many aliens in Old Who were not.

        I can list several reasons for why Old Who works so much better than today’s New Who, and I would be right in all of them. But this episode proved to me of why I hate how Davies writes the Doctor, thinking that the Doctor is some all powerful being who can just do whatever the hell he wants. And I like 10, but only when he’s written by someone else, who is NOT Matthew Graham. Steven Moffat isn’t any better, since he’s so comfortable with his reputation that he can say stuff to get away from quality, like plot holes don’t need to be explained. And he did.

  2. RTD biggest problem is that he is great at buildup but he is absolutely fucking terrible at payoff. I know it could be a mixture of bad writing or paying checks the BBC budget could never cash so he always gives us these awful Deu ex Machina endings.

    Its funny you mention that midnight is your fave Tennant episode and its mine too and that is because bottle episodes tend to rely on the writers skill and not on BS expensive explosive CGI.

    Midnight proved that RTD is a great writer its just he needed to learn Dr Who budget could never keep up with his imagination and that when he is constrained like in Midnight he does much better work!

    • Not sure it has anything to do with Doctor Who’s badget. RTD was making similar scripting mistakes in his recent TV series (and enormous flop) Banana.

    • Midnight’s my favorite Tennant episode, too. Actually, it’s probably my favorite New Who episode overall.

      It felt like one of the better episodes of the Twilight Zone.

  3. The episode is definitely flawed but you did misunderstand something. That one rocket full of humans wasn’t from Utopia, it was going to Utopia. So saying it held the whole population of Utopia would be like saying a 747 going to London holds the whole population of England.

    Apparently, when they got to Utopia they found more humans… and a hellhole. Or something. They could have made it a little more clear.

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