Twatty Who- Good New Who Episodes

Whats this? Could it be? Are the legends true? Is Hagan capable of not-hating New Who?!

Lesbian Talk Episode #104: Nazi Ghost Toilets

Wow, yeah, lots to cover this week, such as us moving to a new flat, all the insane films I’ve had to watch since, the ins and outs of reincarnation slasher films, the mystery of the gay mugs, and just what would you do if Hitler’s ghost was your roommate?

Backseat Critique- The Neverending Story

A Patron requested the Neverending Story, we decided to baptise our new flat and ROBYN came to visit! (fanfare)

Flubs- Ravenous

A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the Ravenous review.

Hagan reviews Season 06 ep 09 Ravenous Review

Slice me off another piece of co-star. Yummmmmmm.

Lesbian Talk Episode #103: Raising Hellraiser with Peter Scott

Greetings, gentle listeners! This week we’re joined by patron Peter Scott to talk AlCon 2016 (which we all attended) and he delves into his ‘obscure goodies’ pile of horror movies to run a few by the great Hagan. Also, which Hellraiser film was best and why?