Twatty Who- Good New Who Episodes

Whats this? Could it be? Are the legends true? Is Hagan capable of not-hating New Who?!



  1. Dalek… Like this. Is Jubilee better? In some respects, but not in others.

    Blink… Yes, I think this is good.

    Midnight… The opening five minutes are terrible, but it much improves after that. The big drawback is the story’s working class characters who are defined as boorish, vindictive racists.

    Turn Left… Some good stuff in this, but it’s also horribly racist. From the clichéd “evil” Chinese, to the over-the-top comedy Italian to the strange finger pointing Spanish maid.

    Amy’s Choice… Again, has some good ideas in it, but it’s also pretty ageist.

    Vincent and the Doctor… Rather unpleasant subtext that links van Gogh with a giant, invisible, murderous cock, suggesting that his metal illness makes him want to attack women.

    The Doctor’s Wife… Tedious.

    The Girl Who Waited… The story where Rory gets to trade in the old Amy for a younger model. So basically sexist.

    Mummy on the Orient Express… Yes, that’s a good one.

    Okay, so the only thing missing from your top ten list is a story that’s homophobic. 😛

    • I’ve yet to listen to Jubilee, so I don’t know if it is better than Dalek.

      Blink still holds up for me as my favorite Steven Moffat episode, and his other episode that came dangerously close was Heaven Sent.

      The characters in Midnight is what ruined the episode for me, and you’re not wrong on the racism, which, unfortunately, has been a reoccurring problem in the show for many years. I’m not going to discuss that here, because I obviously don’t want to make it into a thing.

      I thought the stereotypes were bad in turn left, but the good in this episode outweighed the racism for me.

      I thought the old people in Amy’s Choice was silly to the point that I started laughing. Still a good episode.

      Vincent and the Doctor was a great episode, but I didn’t know that the subtext somehow equated to woman abuse.

      The Doctor’s Wife as tedious? No. As a matter in fact, the House in this episode, to my opinion, has a voice that’s on par with the voice of Sultehk! Oh yeah. I went there.

      The Girl Who Waited is still the best episode of Doctor Who I have ever seen. By far. So up yours, Caves of Androzani. I’m not going to say that Rory’s choice on the end was sexist, I mean, come on. The younger Amy was knocked out of conscience to the point where she could of died, and both of them couldn’t stay inside of the TARDIS at the same time.

      Mummy on the Orient was such a good episode that I showed it to one of my friends who didn’t see a Capaldi episode at that point.

      • Rory murders 50 year old Amy so he can carry on shagging 22 year old Amy. End of story. Also “The Girl Who Waited”? When do women stop being “girls” in the Moffat universe? Perhaps when he no longer fancies them.

  2. Great video, agree on most points. Kinda sorta related… I’ve taken your advice and been listening to Big Finish for a while now. Mostly I just picked random stories with Doctors, Companions, Enemies that I really knew and liked. Finally, I decided to listen to the Eighth Doctor’s stories starting with his first, Storm Warning. Got hooked, listened to pretty much his first “season” and about to start the second. Anyway, at first I thought it was really great, sort of a combination of classic and the better bits of New Who. Then I began to realize that New Who borrowed many elements and even whole premises from Paul McGann’s early BF years.

    Spoilers for some great BF stories ahead.

    At first it seemed rather surface level, like having a cold open and a story-arc over many stories. Then, it seemed more direct, for example “Seasons of Fear” and “Girl Who Died” dealt with a human becoming immortal, the Doctor meeting them several times over the centuries and the immortal losing their humanity. Then it hit me… nearly every New Who companion, especially Moffat’s creations, seem to be inspired by Charley Pollard. She’s a seemingly normal woman who winds up being the center of some fucked-up timeline (a’la Amy or Clara) that threatens to tear apart the universe. There’s a deep-voiced all-powerful version of the companion (not unlike the “Bad Wolf”) and stories that revolve entirely around the companion’s past life (the excellent “Chimes of Midnight”).

    At any rate, the only reason I bring this up that Paul McGann’s early stuff feels like New Who done right, and do you think this is just coincidence or another example of New Who “borrowing” elements of earlier Who but changing things around to avoid paying the writer?

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