Renegade Cunt- Star Trek: 3 Theories

RC episode 13. A trio of Star Trek theories.


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  1. The first theory is actually part of the idea behind a voyager episode, though it involves “random alien farmer planet” rather than the federation itself. Still, it makes enough sense that applying it on a large scale is sensible.

    The second theory is pretty clever, though I’m wondering how much you could really enforce the ‘no genesis device’ thing. I don’t think you could actually detect the things from interstellar distances. If that’s possible, it makes perfect sense and I’m headcanoning it.

    The third theory has some issues though:
    A) The ships we see on the series aren’t just random vessels (except for Voyager), but are flagships. It’d be weird if all the flagships in an inter-species pact were made for the same single species every time (as opposed to, say, rotating between Andorians, Humans, Vulcans and Tellarites)
    B) It’s not just the ship crews themselves that have statistical human overrepresentation, but it’s also the admiralty. Almost all of the admirals shown, including all the commanders-in-chief, were human.

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