Backseat Critique- Alien Covenant

Hagan saw it and Omega filtered Hagans opinion-ness.

You Probably Shouldn’t Cook This- The Curry Haggis Burger

Hagan and her wife Omega invent dishes that you probably shouldn’t recreate… A Curry Haggis burger, anyone?

Lesbian Talk Ep. #115: A Three-Hour Tour!

It’s all fan theories all the time! What was the state religion of Arendelle? Was everyone from every show really dead the whole time (and it was actually Purgatory)? Plus, why Hagan’s fan theories belong on iO9, and our slobbering praise of this week’s Doctor Who!

Flubs- Night Satan and the Loops of Doom

A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the Night Satan and the Loops of Doom

Night Satan and the Loops of Doom review

Hagan’s busy with affairs of state so it falls to Teddy to review this…film. This film that Teddy doesn’t understand.

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Renegade Cunt- The MCU: Avengers Infinity War and Phase 4.

RC episode 14. A prediction for Avengers: Infinity War and what Id like to see in phase 4 of the MCU.

MovieBobs ideas for the Fantastic 4 in the MCU: