Backseat Critique: He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special

Was requested, was watched. We have comments.

Lesbian Talk Ep. #122: Cannibal Disney Fish

This week we set out to talk about Muppets (Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, to be specific) but ended up in the usual places of buying fish from a man in a van and meth, not surprisingly.

Hagan listens to a Pride march

There i was, sitting on the sofa, waiting for something to finish rendering when suddenly… THE SOUND OF QUEERNESS.

Backseat Critique- Hellboy

A Patron requested we take a look at the Guillermo del Toro superhero classic.

Merry (Haganistan Cat 11)

Merry surveys his kingdom, a just and fair leader.

Lesbian Talk Ep. #121: Prema-Death Drama

There’s been a bit of drama over the new game Hellblade and its prospects of perma-death. Is it warranted or are difficulty settings just a bunch of crap? We debate it so you don’t have to.

Hagan and the Pipe Band