About The citizens of Haganistan

Cast of Characters

  • Diamanda Hagan: Diamanda Hagan is the Empress of Haganistan, a multiple murderer of minions and occasionally reviews movies that have it coming.
  • Aleister D. Homelessb’sterrd: Unemployed Shakespearean Actor, Aleister D. Homelesssb’sterrd talks about the latest plays he caught…
  • The Omega: Hagans wife in real-life. Alas not often featured in the episodes themselves.
  • The Minions: The Minions are Hagan’s slave race, grown in vats and completely without the genes for survival.

What you can watch here

  • 80’s Guy: Micro-videos to sum up computer games. Starring… 80’s Guy!
  • Adam Adamant Lives!: An episode by episode look at the cult 60s show.
  • Blood Eagle: A World of Darkness role-playing game.Recorded and sometimes posted by Dodger of Zion
  • Bonekickers: These are reviews of the short-lived series Bonekickers. You have been warned.
  • Convention Appearences: Notices about Conventions Hagan will be attending as a guest or regular con-goer.
  • Fanvids by Hagan: Does what it says on the tin.
  • Fanart: Fan Art of Hagan, Aleister and the Minions.
  • Hagan Cameos: Hagan gets inflicted on others who might not deserve it… but probably do.
  • Hagan Commentaries: Hagan (and usually a guest) talk about episodes
  • Hagan Cosplay: People cosplaying as the Mistress
  • Hagan Flubs: A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from The Reviews.
  • Hagan Plugs: Short but positive reviews for films you may not have seen.
  • Hagan Reviews: Hagan will review any genre of film. as long as it has it coming. 8 reviews in a series.
  • Hagan Special Reviews: Hagan Reviews outside of the regular series. Same continuity just a slightly different intro.
  • Homelesssb’sterrd Theatre Reviews: Aleister enthusiastically reviews the theatre.
  • Homelesssb’sterrd Flubs: The fuck-ups from Aleister enthusiastically reviewing the theatre.
  • In Five Seconds: Films, TV and other things distilled to their purest (and shortest) form.
  • Nanoviews: Short, non-character-based movie reviews.
  • Other Stuff I’v Done: I have a life outside wearing facepaint.
  • Podcasts: Hagan and Omega run a Podcast called Lesbian Talk. Occasionally they turn up in other peoples podcasts too.
  • Scripts: Original scripts for episodes. Along with a few notes about the episode
  • Teddy Reviews: Teddy the Minion took comntrol of the compound (and the show) for a few episodes
  • Twatty Who Reviews: More Angry and Funny and like a proper twat, Hagan reviews some of the worst adventures in Doctor Who history.
  • Updates: Pretty self explanatory really.
  • Urban Gothic: An episode by episode look at the anthology horror series.
  • Vlog: Usually reviews of movies out in the cinema.


  1. dear ms. Hagan,
    i must say i really enjoy your reviews, and find refreshing to see someone who actually thinks castration through. also, i am facebook intolerant so here goes:
    this will sound presumptuous, but i was recently made to watch the film “sucker punch”. now i freely admit to being a naughty boy, but i am certain i did not deserve this. it would make me very happy if you happened to it.
    as a treat, i would like to recommend to you the film “sennentuntschi” a 2010 swiss film, which is rather enjoyable since it:
    -takes place in quirky, backwater 70’s switzerland (oh the laughs)
    -is spoken mostly in swiss-german, which sounds as it should be the language of lesser pagan deities
    -is one of the rare (if not the only) buena vista distributed film to feature dp.
    (trailer here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vqm-fli7T6Q. no, no subtitles, just let the music of swiss german whisk you away. Dvd with eng subs available at artfilm.ch)
    wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.

  2. All hail Mistress Hagan!

    I love your reviews and your wicked sense of style and humour. If you’re interested, I have some suggestions for some movies you can review in the future:
    -Ginger Snaps
    -Rock and Rule
    -Boy Meets Girl
    -The Poughkeepsie Tapes

    Can’t wait to see more kick-ass reviews in the future and more verbal abuse to the minions 🙂

    BlackLaceLamb, Perth, Western Australia

    • heyas stephanie!

      I love ginger snaps! but snaps back is even better. i dunno if its review material though

      seen rock and rule and was fairly meh about it. not really my area

      boy meets girl the uk, torture arthouse movie? because i wanna convince oan citizen to review that!

      never seen the poughkeepsie tapes but ill take a look 🙂

    • Do you have any idea how sick-minded that is?! Why the hell would you worship someone who’s human?!

  3. Dear Mistress,

    I’m new to your site, having discovered you on TGWTG. I really enjoy your reviews and the wide range of movies you review. That being said, I would like to know if you’ve ever seen and would you be willing to review Bloodz vs. Wolvez. It’s a horror movie with a message that I think you could have a lot of fun with, should you choose to review it. Be warned, though, a lot of minions may need to suffer in order for you to get through it!

    And I just had to say that I love Ginger Snaps and Ginger Snaps Back!

    Congratulations on being picked up on TGWTG!


  4. P.S. I just saw “Watch Me” today, and thought you might want to review that one! The antagonist reminded me of you…except she didn’t have minions…and she didn’t wear black…and she didn’t review movies…maybe she didn’t remind me of you at all….

  5. I just saw your reviews on TGWTG after seeing your Cameo in Obscurus Lupa’s Hard to Kill review and I just wanted to say that I’m so glad to see a British Reviewer (you sound Northern Irish?) whose presenting style actually sounds natural.

    Some people might find it a strange thing to say because you wear a lot of makeup, have a lot of storyline in the continuity of your reviews and do a lot of stuff with costume, but all of that is irrelevant to the naturalistic quality of the presentation/performance itself. You might sit in a serial killer’s meat locker room dressed like Heath Ledger’s Joker/Doctor Who (and I mean that in an entirely complementary way) but your delivery is no less than 200% more natural (and therefore comfortable to watch) than, for example, Matthew Buck’s Film Brain stuff, where he sits in a t-shirt in his bedroom. I’m not badmouthing him, but while I really WANT to like Film Brain I just find his delivery agonising because he doesn’t seem to know what he looks and sounds like, and therefore just does and says things in a way that jars really badly.

    So yes… not much more to say: you rock because you have a much higher degree of self awareness when it comes to being on camera, and I think you’re much more professional in terms of quality than any of the other UK reviewers I’ve seen from TGWTG.

    And yes, that was a really pretentious way to say the things that I just said, but to hell with it.

    • heyas. Yup im northen irish (from lderry) thanks for the compliments, im glad youv liked what youv seen. not everyones style is going to be the same and not everyones will gel with everyone. I dont think im any better than matt or the others just different.

      and when it comes to proffesional quality, im shit at audio so it all evens out. the day someones brilliant at everything is the day their a boring fuckwit.

      thanks jonathon and i hope you like the upcoming videos!

  6. All Hail The Mistress

    It is so great I found your work, I just actually started watching reviews on TGWTG.com and when I saw your video I nearly crashed my computer just to get to your site. I hope to see more of you and the minions and I hope the police will get whats coming to them. *evil laugh*

    All hail the Mistress.


    Minion Snarry89

  7. Hey I got a quick question. Who is Omega, I have tried watching all of your videos but I can’t say I have completely understood who is who yet.

    Hail Mistress

  8. mistress, i beg of you to take a look at your video’s for many of them do not work, which is of great disappointment to a humble and devout follower of your glory.

    • iv checked a bunch of them and only had issue with one. and all i had to do was refresh the page and try again and it worked. if that doesnt work let me know some ones that dont work and i’ll talk to blip

  9. Mistress Hagan,

    I have decided that my Halloween costume should be the greatness that is you. I humbly ask how to properly convey your greatness. I have the hair and make-up, it’s the clothing that I am having trouble with. I do not want to disappoint the mistress and do it wrong.

    • Just do the best you can, it doesnt need to be perfect. Tweet me any pix you take. Id love to see them! Between you and someone doing Aleister, all we need is a minion costumer and we have a set!

      • My Twitter name is AthenaLeStrange. I got a twitter so that Mistress could see the pictures I take.

  10. Hey. Just found your reviews via your two or three cameos on Brows Held High (which i found via his cameos on Obscurus Lupa’s video, who i found via another reviewer etc. etc. ) and I gotta say, you have an interesting style. I’ll be watching more in the future.

    (love the 90’s sting/heath ledger joker makeup in particular)

    By the way, good call on the left behind video where you noted the extremely modern nature of the whole rapture concept. Unfortunately a lot of people think that’s a hallmark of Christianity, when in reality its a relatively fringe ideology. Annoying to those of us who know better.

    Oh, and a movie recommendation (if you haven’t already done it, i’m not sure as i just found you). Surf Nazis Must Die. The Movie is as ridiculous as its title.

    God bless,

    • Heyas, Im pleased you have liked what you’ve seen so far. Hope you like what you see later on!

      also glad you enjoyed the Left Behind review. next month Im doing all 4of the Apocalypse movies (to placate those who want me to do LB2 and 3)

      Surf Nazi’s is actually on me list to be reviewed. But its lots more boring than you’d expect based on the name!

      • The ones with the Virtual Reality Antichrist/Guillotine thing? That was hilarious.

        Oh, and MR. T! Love Mr. T. I don’t care what movie he’s in, MR. T always rocks.

  11. http://www.doctorwhonews.net/2011/12/dwn111211160008-two-doctor-who-episodes.html

    Saw this and knew where to post it; episode 2 of The Underwater Menace was rediscovered 5 days ago and I remembered you’d mentioned certain destructive acts you’d perform to see the day.

    • i got excited to see the news, i wish they’d got 2 that coulda finished a serial but any recovered eps is a wonderful thing. on the destructive acts, are you sure it was about underwater menace and not fury from the deep?

      • You’re probably right, though I’d have to rewatch the review, (not that that’s a bad thing.) More Troughton is generally a wonderful thing The Two Doctors aside, especially when he’s with Jamie. I particularly miss the weirdly Lovecraftian stories that cropped up in 1 and 2’s tenures which, though my memory is spotty, includes Fury From the Deep. That said the later expanded universe’s attempts to fully integrate the Cthulhu mythos were awful.

        Still, more love for the Second Doctor – I think most interpretations of the role owe more to him than anyone else.

        I’d also give a minor organ to see The Tenth Planet fully restored but that’s largely because the Cybermen have been involved in about three passable TV stories and deserve better. (Ever heard the BFA Spare Parts? It’s a near perfect example of a Cyberman story done right, though I know you aren’t a fan of Davison.)

  12. Hello Master Hagan. I wanted to ask you how do you make those reviews which I love to death. Well I know you need a HD camera and a movie maker program, how do you get the movie clips into the video and what movie maker do you use?

    Hope to heard from you soon?

    • its mistress hagan.

      but to get the clips i extract from dvds using a dvd ripper, and i edit using final cut express. theres other ways to do it though!

  13. Dear mistress. I didn’t really know where else to put this, because I don’t want to put a trace on any of my social networking accounts or my personal email (for reasons which will be obvious soon), but I have a suggestion for a review.

    The Pico OVA three twenty-something minute long shotacon pieces, Boku No Pico, Pico & Chico, and Pico x Chico x Coco. If you don’t know what Shotacon is, it’s like lolicon, but with little boys. It’s quite notorious among the anime fandom, and there’s the meme that if someone asks what anime they should watch, someone has to suggest Boku no Pico.

    I know you don’t (generally?) do subtitled stuff, but this one’s a biggie. or you could refer it to Oancitizen, because the opening subtitles feature a disclaimer by the subtitler that they “don’t condone child abuse or child pornography, and ask the viewer to accept this work as artistic expression”.

    • i dont know much about anime, but if its like you suggest then maybe itd be funnier to inflict it on someone who is easy scarred, like the rap critic:p

  14. That kinda reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SMt6fFtqzA

    I don’t think much knowledge of anime is required.

  15. I am so down with Haganism (don’t know if it’s been used before but I think it sounds good) right now. You are so different from the other reviewers I watch I love it. Not that theres anything wrong with them (mostly TGWTG reviewers), but you’re just so twisted with your Minions, it’s consistently awesome. I saw you first on Spoony’s page with Apocalypse and then The Taint (I so want that mask) and have been hooked. If you have the time there’s a few movies you should check out.

    Hellraiser: Revelation-No Doug Bradley though
    I Met the Devil and Chaser-Awesome Asian films
    Martyrs and Ichi the Killer-Older but still awesome
    The Last Horror Movie-Again, older but I really dug it.
    Nighwish-Got it on VHS, not sure if there’s a dvd, effective psychological horror if you ask me.

    By the way, I love the Miguel Ferrer from Hot Shots Part Deux ‘Science It’s Fantastic’ clips. And the Orgazmo clips are always welcome. Hail Mistress Diamanda Hagan!!

    • good suggestions 🙂 i shall consider them! (though revelations was better than an 8th sequel without the actual main actor in it deserved to be)

      • Totally agreed! If Doug Bradley was in there, it could have been a true return to form. It’s still better than most of the sequels but Bradley is was and always will be Pinhead. Hellbound was the best. Hail Hagan!!

  16. Dear Hagan

    Since i found you on TGWTG like two months back i managed to do a marathon on everything i could find on this site.
    Recently i noticed you mention Lexx once or twice in current videos.
    Since i miss this show i wonder if you’re going to review the series or the movie at some point.
    I’m pretty sure many Lexx fans would appreciate someone like you to revive the memory of this lost gem of a series.
    And maybe this will get some more innocent souls into the twisted planes of Dark Zone and Light Universe.

    Yours sincerely Trapper

    ps. “When you wake the dead, form dictates that you join ‘em.”

    • I was originally planning on reviewing lexx series by series and i even got partway through a script for s1 but it fell by the wayside and i probly wont do it (Id want to do an ep by ep and theres too many) BUT the wire (http://blip.tv/the-idiots-lantern) is a very good tv reviewer who i introduced to lex and who has said she’ll review the show sometime. No idea when though.

  17. Greetings from Russia, Mistress Hagan,

    I immensely enjoy your movie reviews and some other series, Urban Gothic reviews in particular (I recently dug out “Pineapple chunks”, loved it and definitely spreading the word), and wanted to thank you for your work. Hope there will be many more videos to come.

    As for suggestions: have you seen/considered reviewing Taxidermia (Hungarian film of 2006) or The Wizard of Gore (2007 remake of 1970 movie)? The latter looks even more suitable for your show, it’s bloody, wtf-tastic, not very good and has Jeffrey Combs in a small role.

    P.S. Now I really want to watch “Adam Adamant Lives!”, it looks like my type of entertainment. Damn.

    • Heya! Im glad you are liking Urban Gothic! and I hope the last 3 eps don’t disappoint you.As for the suggestions, Iv seen the wizard of gore remake and it didnt really strike me as Hagan-review material, just not very good. I’ll re-watch it though. Taxadermia is already on my list to watch as I love arthouse and weird shit heh.

  18. I found your reviews completely by chance on TGWTG. I remembered seeing Freeway 2 as a young teenager and staying up til 3 am to watch it on HBO. I think I blocked it out and continued on with my life but lo and behold, it’s now inside my brain again for better or for worse.

    Even though your rule the world ideology conflicts with my destroy all of reality system of beliefs, I think I can see myself checking out more of your videos, if only to see what other weirdness I wasn’t able to appreciate as a young lad.

    And since everyone else is throwing random shit out there: check out Ab-Normal Beauty, Japanese sorta horror/arthouse flick that oddly has two sisters in the staring roles but they play non-family lesbian love interests in the movie. Or something like that.

    And for shits and giggles “Requiem from the Darkness”, anime series that works mostly as a platform for telling old japanese ghost stories that have a non-supernatural/occasionally supernatural twist.

    That and it has a weird non-straight line art style that I think works, but most people find distracting. It also has a story about a folklore piece about flying squirrels that attack and smother people’s faces in the woods. Who wouldn’t want that in their life?

  19. What’s good Diamanda, my nigga. Now, you are a creepy mo-fo TBH, but that’s what makes you so kickass. Now, you should add the following poem to your lines in an upcoming episode, because that would be so boss.
    “Doom comes like a vacuum because death sucks and smells like a raccoon or a baboon.
    Death kills us like crack kills pookie, like schwarzenegger killed tookie.
    Chewbacca was a wookie.
    – Dewey Obababa-ooo Mamma-say Mamma-sah Mamma-ma-cu-sah Jenkins

  20. Greetings Mistress,
    Found out about your site recently, and have been really enjoying all of your reviews. I’ve made donations to a few other TGWTG contributors, and was wondering if you had one as well. I like to contribute to great websites, and I think yours is pretty great.

    Also, I noticed your interest in Rapture films, and was wondering if you had ever seen Michael Tolkin’s “The Rapture”, which I think is pretty damn great, and head and shoulders above any of the other Rapture films.

    Anyway, love the site and reviews. Keep up the great work.


    • I don’t have a donation button because theres been no need for one. If you’d like to help out though, if you have any films you think I should add to my review list just leave a note with their name.

      As for the rapture, great film. I mentioned it in (I think) my Left Behind review as an example of a good rapture movie. Though admitedly it hads very little to do with actual rapture theology.

      • That’s great. No films come to mind at present, but it’d be pretty funny for Homelesssb’sterrd to review Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein.

  21. I went back to watch older reviews…specifically the “Land Before Time 8” why does Hagan apologize to viewers about adding cliched references such as the Mr Freeze clips? You are a super-villainess, why apologize?

    • Its just one of the ways I try to make Hagan a bit more layered. She doesn’t always act in the way a psychotic supervillain is expected to.

  22. Thank you for quick response. Now that you have been part of TGWTG for awhile, is there any chance there could be some kind of crossover/face-off/team-up between Hagan and Dr. Insano vs Spoony and/or Linkara; since they are the most popular ‘villains’ and ‘heroes’. I know it would be next to impossible with schedules. Just an idea from a fan, thats all…

    • Well there’s tentative plans for crossovers with both those guys but nothing scripted yet.

  23. Greetings, Mistress;

    Got to say, I’m a big fan of your work so far! The characters you create and the style of reviewing is just superb, as is the choice of films you do review! Keep up the good work!

    There’s one film I’ve watched that I thought would be perfect, as it was produced by a fellow maniacal dictator, none other than Kim Jong Il. It’s called ‘Pulgasari’ and is a horrendously cheesy Godzilla rip-off (with far more propaganda than the original), made with a team of actors he personally ordered kidnapped from South Korea and Japan. I don’t know whether you’d relish in the idea or use it as a springboard for criticism, either way it could be a good review.

    Keep up the good work!

  24. Hey mistress! I made some fanart of you! Where can I post it?

    • Post it on the hagan facebook group alone with your deviantart. and I’ll post it on here under fan art!

      • But Mistress, I don’t have facebook 😦
        Is it okay if I leave a link here in the comments?

    • Sure thing. Post the link!

  25. I saw you needed help admining your tumbler, I would be willing to help, if possible (you can contact me at JasonRempala@hotmail.com)

    • Hiya. I don’t run the Tumblr, but tomorrow I’ll try to get your address to the guy who does. Thanks for the offer! If you want to contact the guy himself, I think theres a way through the tumblr itself.

    • Replying here too:
      Hi, I’m the guy who runs the blog, and I’d be interested to hear about you. I sent you an email, reply to that, or send me an ask through Tumblr. You need a tumblr acocunt to be a blog admin, but that’s not too difficult to do, and you can just leave that profile empty if you want to.

  26. Hi just a fan letting you know I adore your reviews and love your music taste! Can’t wait for the next review, Mistress!

  27. Hail Hagan!

    I’m watching Princess Warrior (1989) right and I’m pretty sure, even 15 minutes in, this is a film right up your alley.

  28. Great Mistress of Haganistan,

    May your worldly conquests be true and your minions obedient, I am writting to ask if you may ever review the film “I bought a Vampire Motorcycle”. A film of which many people know but do not. I believe you are the one ruler to bring it to the masses and do it justice either way.

    Thank you for your time Mistress, Hail Hagan

  29. Hello Mistress, I was wondering if you would like a title card artist, because I would be more than willing. And just so this comment doesn’t feel like a waste if you say no, I also suggest Gridlock for Twatty New Who reviews. Hail Hagan!

    • I don’t usually use traditional title cards as I like being the only one who uses photoshop covers. But I do use drawn title cards sometimes and Id be happy to use you when Im doing another one. Send me a message on the Hagan Facebook group. I might have a job for you…

  30. Er, this is out of the blue, but…by any chance, have you ever heard of a movie called “Fresh Kill” (1994)?

    I stumbled across a synopsis of it by accident, today, which goes (according to imdb):
    “Two young lesbian parents, Shareen and Claire are raising their five year old daughter Honey in a converted garage on Staten Island. Shareen salvages refuse with her pickup truck while Claire waits tables at the hip Naga Saki restaurant in Manhattan, caught up in a global exchange of industrial waste via contaminated sushi. As a ghost barge bearing nuclear refuse circles the planet in search of a willing port, household pets begin to glow ominously and then disappear; people start speaking in tongues. The crisis escalates when a multinational corporation is implicated, the couple’s daughter Honey mysteriously vanishes, and a group of young New Yorkers strike back in an unlikely alliance with activists in the developing world”

    Yow. That, plus the (brief) Youtube trailer and an in-depth imdb review (a radioactive fish lip sushi craze is mentioned), made it sound delightfully insane enough. You were, naturally, the person who immediately came to mind upon reading about it—and I thought I should let you know about this gem of western cinema.

    Happy horrordays! 😀

  31. To the most honorable Lecher Bitch and Goddess Diamanga Hagan:
    It has come to my attention that, out of all of the reviews that you have done, you have not covered that most famous and wretched of movies: Teeth. No doubt you have heard of it? It would bring me (and probably your other fans) great pleasure if you would do a review of it. It is all right if you do not wish to do this. It is just a humble request and nothing more. Thank you for your time. Have fun with the minions and all that.

    -Aepherion, a newcomer to the site

    • Teeth is on my list! But it will take a long time to get to it. Im glad you’re enjoying the videos!

  32. Hagan,

    Recently I found my grandfather’s journal among things I inherited from my great grandmother. He was a professional artist and this journal talks about the techniques he used in his paintings more specifically in the portraits he painted.

    The relevance is this: I wanted your permission to paint a portrait of you. I ask your permission because while most people draw fan art copy it and post it somewhere on the internet this would be , if I am competent enough to produce one, an oil on canvas painting and thus a bit more tangible than your average fan art. Therefore I wanted to ask your permission first.

    The scene I have in mind is my take on a coronation portrait for Hagan. It would feature you either sitting in a throne or standing with the Haganistan flag behind you. I will of course keep the trade mark purple coat make up, etc but I would also like permission to play around with that a bit too. So while keeping to the spirit of it, it would fit as coronation clothing and any weapons a bit more ceremonial.

    As I mentioned before this can only happen if I turn out to be competent, which I believe I can be if I don’t get to frustrated.

    If I manage it I would of course upload a picture for you and if you like it I would be happy to give the painting to you. It would be great for the Haganistan set (every Ruler benign or Malignant needs a coronation picture) or at the very least an interesting conversation piece.

    As I mentioned several times before I would just like your permission first.



  33. Hail Hagan!

    Hi! Love your reviews! You’re always funny, and you scare me, so… extra points! 🙂

    Just curious, do you play Alistair (fave character), or is it someone else? Just wondering.

    Also, (and sorry, this is a reaaaaally stupid question) are you from Ireland? (Sorry, I know it’s a dumb and probably obvious question, but I have a bad ear for accents. Because of the reason, ha ha. :))



    • Hi!

      Yeah I play Aleister, the reason I dont do it more often is because the costume change eats into filming time and we don’t have a massive amount of that. I did however film a video as him at Magfest (Dunno when its coming, it wasnt my video)

      Im from Northern Ireland, the part of the Island thats part of the UK. So Im either Irish or British depending on how you define it.

      Hope you enjoy the coming episodes!

      • Cool. Thanks!

  34. Greeting Diamanda Hagan
    I managed to stumble upon a movie I have difficult time accepting as part of this reality. Naturally I thought of you.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7JYnR5smYM (trailer)
    Considering it revolves around a candy mascot you could even have a Let’s Try accompany it.

    • Looks horrifyingly amusing. The sort of thing that would Lupa would really knock out the park!

      • I actually did think of Obscuras Lupa second, seeing as she did Bulk and multiple bad Christmas specials. I likely send her those links as well.

  35. I don’t know if you’ve seen Holy Flying Circus yet, I just found out about it, and I’m securing my copy right away!
    I thought the comedy as well as the battle between entertainment and the religious right might be just your cuppa tea!

  36. Hail Hagan!

    I was tooling around YouTube for horror movie trailers (as you do), and found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTUjmBpmjW8

    No idea if it’s out already, or coming out soon, or what, but somehow I just had to share it with you.

  37. Hail Hagan!

    Two questions: One, do you have a favorite movie?

    Two, and I hope you won’t find this too personal, do you think you and the Omega will have kids someday? Just curious.

  38. Just found out about a movie called “Dead Sushi”. Something of a Japanese twist for the “Poultrygeist” fans, perhaps?

  39. Hello great mistress! I have a question for you!

    I had an idea for a crossover, but wasn’t sure if you’d be interested or even have the time.

    This sorta ties into the fact that I recommended God of Vampires and thought you might want revenge…

  40. hi miss hagan i normally to request stuff but i beg u please review dan martins slaughter 2008 i hear its terrbile and i cant find any torrents for it at all and i hear its banned in the uk :S plz

  41. thanmk u sooooo much

  42. Hi,
    I have a question about a clip in the intro. Im fairly sure Ive seen all your episodes over the years, but I cant place a certain clip.
    In the Pink Angels episode it is at 0:36, the bloody demon dragon thing. It looks pretty awesome, Id love to know where that is from.

  43. Thought you might get a laugh.

  44. Hello Miss Hagan.

    In your poultrygeist review you mentioned a movie where clowns are their own race and people are hunting them.
    Do tell which movie that was.

    • That was Big Money Hustlas review. The movie was Clown Hunt.

      • Wow I feel really ridiculous getting that wrong. I just watched about 5-6 of your reviews in a row.

        And thank you.

    • Glad I could help and hope you enjoyed the vids!

      • Indeed i did.
        The fIrst video i saw you in was the heavy metal crossover with nostalgia critic. I was a little skeptical at first but what can i say? You grew on me. 😛

    • Very nice to hear!

  45. Hi,

    I was wondering if you’d ever seen Danger 5? It’s the best thing and I think you might enjoy it. It’s a miniseries out of Australia, made last year but trying to look retro, all the voices are dubbed over, and it’s just glorious. The premise is a group of Allies trying to take down Hitler, but the show is as if it were made in the 1960s. They fight dinosaurs and constantly drink and I’m not doing it any justice here.

    It’d be a good candidate for one of your short plug videos, maybe. I only found out about it last fall and not many people know about it yet, unfortunately.

  46. Dear Diamanda Hagan high mistress of STUFF!
    I have an issue I want to ask your opinion about and since I do not facebook this is the most generic forum I can find to ask you in.

    First of all I have a friend who is 16 and a homosexual. Recently he has fallen in with the tumblr crowd, the issue with this is he is starting to take their word as law and the newest issue brought up is he thinks saying the word “Bitch” is anti woman… Even when I say it to a man…
    What is your opinion on tumblr LGBT feminist culture and the topic at hand regarding the word bitch? Currently my life is made annoying every time I say the word he whines.

    • Most people are surprised by this but Im broadly in favour of the Tumblr kids, even when I disagree with what their doing (and I sometimes do) I think their using media and trying their best to change culture for the better. They make mistakes but every group who has tried that made them too. Me and Omega spent a while talking about this kind of thing in an ep of Lesbian Talk (it was called ‘The Controversial episode’). As fort he word bitch, it probably is anti-woman (and anti female dog) but that hasn’t stopped me from using it (though I can def see a time when I will stop using it). If it is anti-women then even using it against men would be bad because its being used as an insult AND comparing the man to a woman. Which would give it a side effect of saying that being a woman is insulting.

      Remember this about your friend, their trying to reforge culture to be more friendly to them. If you’re straight then you’ve grown up in a culture thats friendly to you so try to be patient with them. They want what you have- a baseline of respect from the culture their in.

      I dunno if this is reaction you wanted but I hope you keep enjoying the videos!

      • Well I find the word bitch insulting more because it refers to someone as subhuman, as in a female dog. And if you take a word and start using it outside its intended purpose (Which for a good while was anti woman) does this not rob it of its power in its original form?
        Unlike say the word Fa* (Not sure if you want the word posted even in this context) I find bitch as something meant to be an insult in full form, as in if I use the word an an insult I am using it correctly. have we not used dog as an insult in ages past? And adding female to the context doesn’t really change anything in my eyes. Hell I’ve even seen bitch co opted by many females to be impowering.

        Another thing I don’t like about how my friend is acting is he is only sensitive to those things affecting him or his tumblr buddies, never has he stopped me from saying “Retard” which I sadly say more than I should, it is only when I say something that he finds insulting to his crowd.

        In the end I hope anything I have said here doesn’t not end up insulting so much as ignorant (If it turns out that way), I am just trying to expand why I think he is more blindly following rather than fighting the good fight.

  47. Dear Diamanda Hagan, Lord Mistress of Haganistan and whatever postal code it possesses.

    Just got done watching your “Where The Dead Go to Die” review, still in horrible mental pain, and now left with one burning question (other than why did I watch that review sober?). You said that this film was a failed attempt at making a comedy, that the creator thought that all that nightmare fuel he burned into a cd and distributed to the public was “funny.”


    I have meditated on on this conundrum. I have stared deep into the void of madness to understand the madness of the film’s creator, then got bored and started reading John Carter of Mars…. And I think I might have stumbled upon a something.

    Could Where The Dead Go to Die just be some really long, horribly carried away Aristocrats joke? Are you sure you waited til the end of the credits and just missed Gilbert Gottfried’s face pop up?

  48. Hail Hagan!

  49. All Hail the Letcher Bitch:

    You have said in several of your previous episodes that you would be open to ANY religious film. As requested here is a list of films that you might be interested in:

    – Sons of Ram

    – Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (you brought it up in International Guerrillas, your gonna have to do it eventually)

    – Dashavatar

    – Valley of the Wolves: Palestine (like the other one, except this one is about the Gaza flotilla raid)

    – Innocence of Muslims (too soon?)

    – Return of Hanuman

    Let the religious insanity begin!

    Bicufo, New York, NY

  50. Hail Hagan!

    Any plans to reviews the propaganda film which shows you as the hot but ultimately incompetent villain, married to the “evil genius” Aleister, depending on your minions (who are shown in an overly sympathetic light) to do things for you, and ultimately being thwarted by your own nephew and having your minions abdicate to work for him? (AKA, “Minions” by Illumination Entertainment.) 🙂

  51. From a Recent episode of the YouTube channel “Trailers From Hell”

  52. Check out Podcast on Fire on July 8 for an interview with Brian Trenchard-Smith!

  53. Man From Hong Kong on Blu Ray!!

  54. Chinese Mad max ripoff…awesome!!

  55. Dear MIstress,

    I am fairly new to your Reviews but I love them, slowly working myself throught the seasons. Doing so, I discovered a quick clip in your Intro that really caught my eye and I was wondering if you could tell me, which movie that was from. It’s the horned, red eyed abomination rising from some kind of liquid at 0:18 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2pqOGlpWuQ&index=76&list=PLOt8i0lTzwaywrqyal3SqrBOntmYcIXJ6

    Maybe you or some of your fans could enlighten this noob. ^^

    Much thanks.

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