Anti Life Signal Ep6: 2010 (Marzgurl, Spazzmaster and 16 Bit Jeff)

With Joshua out Xmas shopping and Derek feeding Alistair, Steven James, Xaria (aka Diamanda) and Cin Wicked welcome special guests Marzgurl from That Guy With The Glasses, Spazzmaster from Xtreme Network Online and 16-Bit Jeff from The Geek Fighters to talk about the year that was 2010.

Anti Life Signal epsiode 5: with OanCitizen

Kyle, aka OanCitizen joins the Anti Life Signal gang as they talk positive versus negative reviews, merchandising and loving animals.

Anti-Life Signal ep4: Queer Media with Ratasmo

Does the Anti Life Signal need more gay? Rantasmo joins the Heralds Of The Signal to discuss queer media and representation… and hyenas.

Anti-Life Signal Ep 3!

Without Cin Wicked or Derek, this episode features guest hosts Obscurus Lupa and Apollo Z Hack as we talk B-Movie culture! Enjoy!

Anti-Life Signal Episode 2!

I make my first appearance as the new regular on The Anti-Life Signal!

Also appearing are the 4 horsemen of the Geekpocalypse

-Cin Wicked.
-Audible Underwear.
-Joshua the Anarchist.

90 minutes of talk on- Superman the Musical, Batman the Porno, Bitch Slap, Quirk Classics, Avatar the Last Airbender and more!