Crossover- Berserker: Hells Warrior review (with Filmbrain)

Hagan Reviews Episode 133.

Heeeeeeere we are! Reviewers of Berserker: Hells Warrior!

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Necromentia review (with Gore Hounds)

Its like Hellraiser.. but with rednecks.

Check out Andrews stuff here:

Special Review- Freakshow

Hagan Reviews Episode 128.

Hagan, Hagan and Hagan team up to watch The Asylums remake of Freaks!

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Special Review- Pirates of the Great Salt Lake (With Magic Steve)

Time for Hagan to pressgang a first mate and sail the stormy seas of Mormon cinema.

Hagan reviews Season 06 ep 08 Sugar High Glitter City

Everyone involved in this got a jolly ranchering.

Crossovers: Isle of Rangoon- What to do in a Gas Attack

I turn up to have an important meeting with the Rangoons (and do some riffing).

Special Review- BMX Bandits (with The Nostalgia Critic)

A Hagan, A Critic, A turncoat General and a Brian Trenchard-Smith KIDS film!?