The Christmasing: A Claymation Christmas Celebration

Lesbian Talk presents: The Christmasing! Join Omega as she attempts to bring the True Meaning of Christmas(TM) to Hagan through classic American TV specials.

Cameos: Cartoon Physicist’s Noughtie List – Hellraiser: Deader

The Cartoon Physicist reviews Hellraiser: Deader and I appear to talk about the Haganistan train system.

Cameos: Critics and Creatures

I turn up in Cloak 1s video about Suburban Knights.

Cameos- Your Final Answer: Pollstergeist

The Beast tries his hand at making a movie, and his over-reliance on puns stretches everybody’s nerves, including guest reviewer Diamanda Hagan!

Cameos- Omegas hotdog video

Ages ago Omega built a hotdog puppetry rig and created a food-based soap opera.

Cameo: Coins of McGuffin- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Abridged

I voice Rita Repulsa (badly), hopefully that wont ruin everyine elses brilliant work!

Cameos (sort of): A Les Mis fanvideo

Iv been drafted into the revolutionary French grenadiers!