Commentary- Exorcist the Beginning review

Hagan and Teddy watched the Exorcist prequels double review. Occasionally they talked about the film and or review.

And other people might turn up too.


Commentary- Biggles Review

Me and Robyn did a commentary for the Biggles review

Commentaries- Starcrash review

At MAGFest me and Mikey did a commentary for our Starcrash review.

Commentary- Poultrygeist review

Hagan. Omega and JewWario discuss the Poultrygeist review filmed at Magfest 2013.

Commentary- 13th Child Review

Hagan and Omega talk about 13th Child. Will they explain why it was important enough to force Omega out of reviewing semi-retirement?

Commentary- Dead Shit review

Hagan and The Omega talk about the Dead Shit review.

Commentaries- Sundance Channels Green Porno review

Hagan and Teddy watched the Green Porno review.