Commentary- 13th Child Review

Hagan and Omega talk about 13th Child. Will they explain why it was important enough to force Omega out of reviewing semi-retirement?

Commentary- Dead Shit review

Hagan and The Omega talk about the Dead Shit review.

Commentaries- Sundance Channels Green Porno review

Hagan and Teddy watched the Green Porno review.

Commentaries- Faust Love of the Damned review

Hagan and Teddy watched the Faust Love of the Damned review and there were 2 survivors!

Commentary- The Perils of Gwendoline

Ready for Hagan and Teddy talking about a movie? (and other stuff)

Commentaries- The Raspberry Reich review

Hagan and Teddy plus The Raspberry Reich and talking about shit.

To Boldly Flee Absentee Commentary pt8

The best! The amazing! The unique! The outstanding! The possibly only… TBF commentary done by people who weren’t there! Starring Diamanda Hagan, Quatoria, Nash and Dodger of Zion. And over the course of the 8 parts OTHERS turn up! (including Hesanevilenius, Punky, Rap Critic, Overactor, Phil Bunny and Demoversi) Do not expect anything insightful, funny, intelligent or deep. That way you cant be disappointed.