Cosplay- DerKorks unintentionally bad Hagan cosplay

DerKorks unintentionally bad Hagan cosplay

Hagan Cosplay- Amanmor as a Priestess of Hagan

Amanmors Priestess of Hagan

Amanmors Priestess of Hagan

Technically not a cosplay AS Hagan but close enough!

Check out her deviantart!

Hagan Cosplay- Fattyblackcat as The Lecher Butch

The Lecher Butch!

Fattyblackcat as The Lecher Butch.

Hagan Cosplay- Joseph Hall as Aleister

Joseph Hall as Aleister

Hagans not the only costume this Halloween!

Hagan Cosplay- The Unique Sparky as Hagan

Unique Sparky as Hagan

See more pix here!

Cosplay- PeaceloveVinyl as Hagan (with cat Minion)

Peacelovevinyl as Hagan

Peacelovevinyl as Hagan (complete with a Cat-Minion!)

More Pix!

Hagan Cosplay- FattyBlackCat as Hagan


FattyBlackCat is also planning on going out as Hagan this Halloween! Hopefully after Halloween we’ll get apicture of the full costume!

Here’s their tumblr!