Extras- Conspiracy Guy and Minions Day Out

Conspiracy Guy and Minions own short film. Filmed at the same time as Project Million, only recently released.

Behind the Scenes Video 2- The Make-up

Behind the Scenes of the Worst Witch Review!

Behind the Scenes Video 1- The Set-up

Behind the Scenes of the Starrbooty Review!

WHY THE FUCK…?! Clash of the Titans Remake

Want to hear Hagan bitch and whine about the Clash of the Titans Remake? Well now you can.

It was either this or an hour long Bonekickers type review…. which I’ll probly do sometime anyway… Fuck I’m sad.

The Biggles Review (Nearly Didnt Happen)

A short behind the scenes video showing how the Biggles Review (currently in editing) nearly didn’t happen.

The reason this isn’t in the eventual Flubs video is because it’d make the Flubs too long.

Aleister Reads… Stalking is Love (The Hagan Porno)

Yes. Aleister reads the Hagan Porno.

Stalking is love was written by Cy-Fur.

Apologies to The Nostalgia Chick and Marzgurl.

heres the original

This is the first of a possible new series. I dont think it quite works but let me know what you think.

Police Academy Marathon

A Short film where Hagan and The Minions attempt to have a Police Academy Marathon….