Diamanda Hagan Plugs- The Films of Higuchinsky

Hagan Plugs the filmography of the greatest Japanese/ Ukranian film-maker of all time!

Diamanda Hagan Plug- Death Line (Aka Raw Meat)

Hagan Plugs the greatest ‘Mad Cannibal Stalks a Woman in the London Underground’ Movie ever!

Death Line is owned by Harbour Ventures.

Diamanda Hagan Plug- Wisconsin Death Trip

Hagan plugs one depressing, surreal and hynotic documentary. Wisconsin Death Trip is owned by BBC Arena.

Diamanda Hagan Plug- Wild Zero

Hagan Plugs the other great Japanese Zombie Movie of the Last Decade! Wild Zero is Owned by Takeuchi Entertainment.

Double Plug- The Gamers and The Gamers Dorkness Rising!

Hagan Plugs the 2 Greatest DnD based Movies ever made! (not that theres that much contest…). The Gamers and The Gamers Dorkness Rising are owned by The Dead Gentlemen.

Diamanda Hagan Plug- Shaolin Soccer

Hagan plugs the greatest sports Movie ever made!

Diamanda Hagan Plug- Tom-Yum-Goong

A Plug for a fantastic Thai Martial Arts film. Jetisson your brain and your need for decent acting, theres Muay Thai afoot! Tom-Yum-Goong is owned by Baa-Ram-Ewe