The Adventures of Mark Twain in 5 seconds

1986s The Adventures of Mark Twain… in 5 seconds.


Ghostbusters (2016) in 5 Seconds

Okay, not 5 seconds but this was too obvious to not do.

Ghostbusters is owned by Columbia.

House (Hausu) in 5 Seconds!

The 70s Japanese horror insanity-fest in (not quite) 5 seconds!

Dead Sushi in 5 Seconds

Dead Sushi summed up in (slightly more then) 5 seconds!

Shallow Hal in 5 Seconds

I have never seen Shallow Hal but I assume it goes something like this.

Shallow Hal is owned by 20th Century Fox.

The Left Behind Trilogy in about a minute

I sum up the Left Behind trilogy in about a minute. LB2 reviewing coming soon!

The Cuckooclocks of Hell in 5 Seconds

Incase you didnt want to watch the review… The Cuckooclocks of Hell. IN 5 SECONDS.