Lets Try- Marmite Chocolate

Spoiler: Its eugghhhh.

Diamanda Hagan (and Gareth) EAT JELLIED EELS!

We paid real money for this.


We found cheesecake Kitkats, a mysterious south American drink and BLACKCURRANT LIQUOR CRISPS.

Alcon Lets Try

Me, Omega, Filmbrain, Ashens, SofieLiv (from The Agony Booth) and a civilian without a show partook of some Danish/ British/ Irish foodstuffs!

Vlogs- AlCon Let’s Try and Show-Off

Omega and I went to AlCon in Leicester and got some stuff we wanted to share with you. SPOILERS: Retro toys and KitKat.

Minions Try.. Maple Bacon Poptarts

Hagan, Omega, The Avatar of Decent Humour, LC and The BlockbusterChick try some random stuff including Maple Bacon Poptarts, Plantain Chips and 2 DIFFERENT KINDS OF MILK.

Lets Try- ConBravo 2016

I and many others turn up in this weird crisp and cola Lets Try at ConBravo 2016!

Lets Try- (Mostly) Dutch sodas

Hagan and Omega went to Amsterdam for a couple of days and bought some stuff to try!

Lets Try.. Some Yanks try N.Irish stuff*

We rounded up some Americans at ConBravo.

*and some Scottish, S.Irish and English stuff!

Lets Try.. Cactus Juice and Vegemite!

Hagan and Omega found some interesting Polish drinks and that which Australia is most proud of- Vegemite.