Hagan (and Jurnis) play Star Trek Online!

I’ve been playing Star Trek Online with Jurnis (AKA the Avatar of Decent Humour) after filming and she and Teddy edited this little highlights reel together.

See Jurnis’s streams at: Twitch.tv/jurnisplays

I’m in a short film

I had a.. ‘trip’ to England and filmed a villainous role in a short film. Will update with details when its finished.

Cameos: Ask Morphine episode 4.


Cameo- Linkaras 500th episode.

Linkara has done 500 eps and I turn up to make threats and stuff.

Cameos- Rangoon Riff #28: By Jupiter! (Part 1) Feat. Nash!

Rangoons, Nash and me (for about half a second!).

Lecher Teddy (Lyrics)

Just the lyrics to LECHER TEDDY from the Night Satan review, so you can sing along if you want.

Night Satan review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oCZsdJLszA

LECHER TEDDY was doe by Vaults of Extoth and the lyrics were by ME.

Lesbian Talk Episode #125: Like and Subscribe and Lesbians

This episode we share our adventures in Amsterdam (the good, the bad, and the coffeehouse) and tackle the new(est) bit of YouTube drama. Would you like to subscribe and save Omegas channel? Thanks! ^_^