Cameos- Rangoon Riff #28: By Jupiter! (Part 1) Feat. Nash!

Rangoons, Nash and me (for about half a second!).


Lecher Teddy (Lyrics)

Just the lyrics to LECHER TEDDY from the Night Satan review, so you can sing along if you want.

Night Satan review:

LECHER TEDDY was doe by Vaults of Extoth and the lyrics were by ME.

Lesbian Talk Episode #125: Like and Subscribe and Lesbians

This episode we share our adventures in Amsterdam (the good, the bad, and the coffeehouse) and tackle the new(est) bit of YouTube drama. Would you like to subscribe and save Omegas channel? Thanks! ^_^

Diamanda Hagan (and Gareth) EAT JELLIED EELS!

We paid real money for this.

A Livestream with SnakeGirlSarah

Omega and I talk Queer Stuff, Psychology, Doctor Who and much more with SnakeGirlSarah!

Cameos: Coming soon, my episode of Mistress Morphine

Mistress Morphine is a nurse (of sorts) who answers questions. I had a question and it’ll be answered in her next episode!

Gobots are Alt-Transformers

I always knew there was something dodgy about the Gobots…

Okay, some backstory: In the Gobots episode ‘Time Wars’ they end up in ancient Rome and save the day. The Romans then build a statue of a Gobot doing the.. Roman Salute, and someone who had v little grasp of mid 20th century history decided that Scooter should copy it at the v end of the episode.