Lesbian Talk: #126: 1/13th Irish

So we’re breaking down the new hit comedy ‘Derry Girls’, in-as-much-as one of us IS a Derry Girl, then all about Omegas County Delaware accent, plus just how Irish are YOU?

Lesbian Talk Episode #125: Like and Subscribe and Lesbians

This episode we share our adventures in Amsterdam (the good, the bad, and the coffeehouse) and tackle the new(est) bit of YouTube drama. Would you like to subscribe and save Omegas channel? Thanks! ^_^

A Livestream with SnakeGirlSarah

Omega and I talk Queer Stuff, Psychology, Doctor Who and much more with SnakeGirlSarah!

Lesbian Talk Ep. #122: Cannibal Disney Fish

This week we set out to talk about Muppets (Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, to be specific) but ended up in the usual places of buying fish from a man in a van and meth, not surprisingly.

Lesbian Talk Ep. #121: Prema-Death Drama

There’s been a bit of drama over the new game Hellblade and its prospects of perma-death. Is it warranted or are difficulty settings just a bunch of crap? We debate it so you don’t have to.

Lesbian Talk Ep. #120: Marvel vs. DC: SDCC Trailer Wars

SDCC trailers are out and who’s the winner? The DC-drudge-fest Justice League or the sparkly leaked Infinity Wars? We dish on hos DC could improve, our dream set-ups, I rehash why I hate Teen Titans, and today’s psychology tangent: proto-memory, phobias, and you!

Lesbian Talk Ep. #119: The Time Ladies Sewing Society

Perhaps you may not have heard but the 13th Doctor will be a woman. We’re all over that, including a surprisingly scientific discussion of Time Lord phenotypic expression of non-chromosomal genetics and why I don’t care about the KH3/Toy Story revelation.

Lesbian Talk Ep. #118: Harry Potter and the Deadpool Society

This week’s it’s all about Harry Potter to celebrate the 20th anniversary, and we bring up some burning questions we’ve always had about the Potterverse (after a short tangent on why I’d sue Stanley Kubrick).

Lesbian Talk Ep. #115: A Three-Hour Tour!

It’s all fan theories all the time! What was the state religion of Arendelle? Was everyone from every show really dead the whole time (and it was actually Purgatory)? Plus, why Hagan’s fan theories belong on iO9, and our slobbering praise of this week’s Doctor Who!

Lesbian Talk Ep. #114: Bartering Goats for Holographic Danishes

This week we discuss why I don’t want to be paid in livestock, the ‘ad-pocalypse’ and the long reach of the bitchslap of the hand of the free market, and this week’s episode of Doctor Who: Smile.