Special Review- Gabriel Over the White House (Possession review)

A fascist worshiping movie from the early 30s and Hagan possess HERSELF (Circa season 1).

Diamanda Hagan Review 08- Condorman

Hagan reviews Condorman! A James Bond-Superhero-crossover-parody made for kids!

Condorman is owned by Disney

Diamanda Hagan Review 07- Children of the Living Dead

Hagans reviews Children of the Living Dead. The worst film reviewed this season (possibly any season) and one of the worst zombie movies iv ever seen. SHARE MY PAIN!

Children of the Living Dead is owned by Westwood International

Diamanda Hagan Review 06- Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS

Hagan reviews Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS. Fake Germans+Porn+ Torture+The Misplaced Backdrop of the Holocaust= one piece of shit… Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS is owned by Aetenas Productions.

Diamanda Hagan Review 05 – Emmanuelle 4

Hagan reviews Emmanuelle 4. A French Nympho seeks to escape her past by becoming someone else. And immediately begins screwing everyone and everything in sight…

Diamanda Hagan Review 04- RATS: Night of Terror

Hagan Reviews RATS: Night of Terror. Take a handful of semi-retarded Post-Apocalyptic Italians and pit them against an army of unconvincing killer-rats, the result is stupid, occasionally amusing and a lot of dead Rats… RATS: Night of Terror is owned by Beatrice Film

Diamanda Hagan Review 03 – Memory Run

Hagan reviews Memory Run, a festering cancer of crap at the Heart of mid-90’s Science Fiction. A Gun runner has his brain put into the body of a young woman and shenanigans ensue. Memory Run is Owned by Meridian Entertainment