Diamanda Hagan Review- 02 08 Biggles Adventures in Time review

Classic British Character Biggles finally plays second fiddle in a movie that has very little to do with him or his books!

Diamanda Hagan Review- 02 07 Faust Love of the Damned

Hagan takes a look at the least famous Satanic/ Horror/ Superhero movie ever made! (Unless theres another she missed). Faust Love of the Damed is owned by Fantastic Factory .

Diamanda Hagan Review- S2 06 The Perils of Gwendoline…

Adventure, Travel, A butterfly and Ponygirls. What could possibly go wrong? Well quite a lot actually…

The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak is owned by Film De L’Alma.

Diamanda Hagan Review- S2 05 The Raspberry Reich

Hagan reviews ‘The Raspberry Reich’! The only Communist-Terrorist-Revolutionary-Gay-Hardcore Porno she could find!

Diamanda Hagan Review- S2 04 The Black Gestapo

Hagan Reviews the only (I think) Blaxploitation/ Nazispolitation crossover. The Black Gestapo is owned by Brayanston Releasing.

Diamanda Hagan Review- S2 03 Intermedio (Dead and Dying)

Hagan takes a look at the most boring tunnel based movie ever to star Amber Benson! this is Intermedio (Dead and Dying).

Diamanda Hagan Review- S2 02 Left behind

Hagan gets left behind… with Left Behind… one of the few things that makes Bonekickers look rational.

Left Behind is owned by Cloud Ten.

Diamanda Hagan Review- S2 01 The Man from Hong Kong

First Review of the Second Series. Hagan tackles 70’s Australian Chop-Socky starring a sub-par Bruce Lee and the worst James Bond…

The Man from Hong Kong is owned by Golden Harvest.