Diamanda Hagan review 04 10 Blackbeards Ghost

Season finale. So a kids movie about pirates without any adult subtext at all.

Diamanda Hagan 04 09 The Genderfellator

Something interesting and wonderful. Dealing with being offended… through porn.

The URL in the review is wrong. It changed after I finished the editing (I finished a while back) so here’s the actual site to buy the movie- http://www.handbasketproductions.biz/

Diamanda Hagan reviews 04 08 Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

You can NEVER go wrong with the Vomit Gore trilogy!

Diamanda Hagan 04 07 Maniac Nurses find Ecstasy

Its French, its got maniac nurses in it and its from Troma…

Diamanda Hagan Review 04 06 Sextette

After a brief interuption Hagan reviews Sextette. The film stars WHO?!

Diamanda Hagan Review 04 05 International Guerillas

Hagan watches a subtle drama based around the satanic verses controversy.

Diamanda Hagan Reviews 04 04 Stonewall and Riot: The Ultimate Orgasm

Is this the only CGI animated gay superhero porno comedy ever made?