05 10 Rock and Rule review

The invasion is about to begin and Hagan has a movie to review.. (review starts about 10 minutes in)

If the Rock and Rule review has been blocked in your country TRY HERE!

05 09 ReGOREgitated Sacrifice

This is the sequel to ‘Slaughtered Vomit Dolls’ and has roughly as much coherence and happiness in it.

05 08 Boy Meets Girl

Hagan finally takes on the 1990s most infamous British erotic torture movie!

Hagan Review 05 07 Siege (Aka Self Defense, Night Warriors and New York 1991)

Early 80s Canadian neo-nazis and a police strike, whats not to love? Well the multiple names the film is known by for one.

WARNING: There’s some strobe lighting in the review.

Hagan Review- 05 06 Emanuelle in America

Its time.. for Emanuelle!

05 05 Where the Dead go to Die

Imagine Ken Park crossed with Stonewall and Riot and then wish you didn’t.. this is Where the Dead go to Die.

05 04 Razor Blade Smile

Just in time for Halloween a late 90’s piece of British vampire cinema!

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05 03 The Pink Angels

Hagan. Biker drag queens. The 70s. A review. Need I say more?

05 02 Zombie Genocide

Battle of the Bone WASNT Northern Irelands first zombie movie after all.

05 01 The CuckooClocks of Hell (Schizophreniac 3)

Hagans 5th season begins with the return of the earth shattering Schizophreniac series. Harry Russo meets Terry Hawkins from ‘Last House on Dead End Street’.. and there is badly choreographed violence, nudity, yelling and of course more slurs than you could possibly imagine.

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