Hagan (and Jurnis) play Star Trek Online!

I’ve been playing Star Trek Online with Jurnis (AKA the Avatar of Decent Humour) after filming and she and Teddy edited this little highlights reel together.

See Jurnis’s streams at: Twitch.tv/jurnisplays


Commentary- The Truth about Demons

Hagan, Avatar of Decent Humour and Teddy talk about the review of this Kiwi ‘classic’.

Commentary- Battle of the Bone review

Hagan, Teddy and The Avatar of Decent Humour take a look at a very old favourite!

Backseat Critique- Jupiter Ascending

Hagan, Omega, The Avatar of Decent Humour and Neil (the offscreen minion) saw the Wachowskis latest film. It is a VERY silly film.

Some Minions try American Candy

Some minions (Teddy and The Avatar of Decent Humour) tried some American candy. Candy provided by The Omega Geek. I hung out offscreen, making comments.