Backseat Critique- Boys from Brazil

Hagan and Robyn took at look at a pivotal 70s thriller at the request of a Patron!

Backseat Critique- The Editor

Its halloween night and omega and Hagan just had to watch some ASTRON-FUCKING-6! Alas even the mighty Hagan isnt really up on the subject of the film (Giallo) and a sadly sick Omega was even more lost.

Backseat Critique- Crimson Peak

Hagan and Omega spent their wedding anniversary seeing Crimson Peak!

Backseat Critique- Fat Pizza

A patron called A FLYING BRICK requested we watch Aussie ‘comedy’ Fat Pizza. Fun was not had.

Backseat Critique- Turbo Kid

I found a copy of Turbo Kid on DVD and fucking loved it.

Backeat Critique- The Guyver

A Patron wanted The Guyver, a Patron got the Guyver!

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Backseat Critique- Digging up the Marrow

A Patron requested I check out this Mockumentary from the director of Hatchet and Im glad he asked!