Backseat Critique- What happened to Monday

Robyn, Omega AND Hagan watch What happened to Monday coz a Patron asked nicely!


Backseat Critique- Meet the Feebles

Robyns back to watch Peter Jacksons muppet spoof!

Backseat Critique- Blood Glacier

At a Patrons request we watched this Austrian version of The Thing set up on a BLOOD GLACIER!

Backseat Critique- Female Trouble

A new Patron request! John Waters’ FEMALE TROUBLE!

Backseat Critique- The Foreigner

Hagan and Omega saw Jackie Chan punch The Troubles in the face.

Backseat Critique: Star Wars The Last Jedi

An obscure film about space or somesuch.

Backseat Critique- Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Omegas a Poirot fan, Hagans a Branagh fan. Its a match made on Youtube!