Backseat Critique- Logan

Hagan saw Logan, Omega was busy being not-wanting-to-be-depressed to go.

Backseat Critique- The Monster Squad

A Patron requested we watch The Monster Squad, and we did!

Backseat Critique- Tomie: Forbidden Fruit

Robyns back to look at a 2002 Junji Ito adaptation requested by a Patron!

Backseat Critique- Rogue One

Yup, we saw it too.

The Christmasing: The Spirit of Christmas

Lesbian Talk presents: The Christmasing! Join Omega as she attempts to bring the True Meaning of Christmas(TM) to Hagan through classic American TV specials.

Backseat Critique- Doctor Strange

Its about 80% of the way to full Ditko.

Backseat Critique- The Neverending Story

A Patron requested the Neverending Story, we decided to baptise our new flat and ROBYN came to visit! (fanfare)