Flubs- Left Behind 3

A collection of Flubs, Bloopers, behind the scenes footage and alternate takes from the Left Behind 3 review!


Special Review- Left behind 3: World at War

Hagans years long battle with the Left behind series comes to an end… OR HAS IT?! (No. Fucking remake.. )

Flubs- Left Behind 2

A collection of Flubs, bloopers, behind the scenes footage and alternate takes from The Left Behind 2 review.

Vlog- Hagan talks about the Left Behind Remake

Even though its not TECHNICALLY a remake.

The Left Behind Trilogy in about a minute

I sum up the Left Behind trilogy in about a minute. LB2 reviewing coming soon!

Hagan Commentaries- Left Behind review

Hagan and Teddy watched the Left Behind review! And talked over it. For your amusement!

Behind the Scenes of the Sting Moment of Truth review

Just a lot of footage of Hagan, Spoony and the Camera Minion talking about random shit.