Cameo- Linkaras 500th episode.

Linkara has done 500 eps and I turn up to make threats and stuff.


Cameo: Coins of McGuffin- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Abridged

I voice Rita Repulsa (badly), hopefully that wont ruin everyine elses brilliant work!

Cameos- Sequentially Yours: Fandom and Loving Art

I make a cameo in the latest ep of Sequentially Yours!

Cameos- Attack of the 50ft Nerds Xmas film

I have a truly important and ground breaking cameo in this short film!

Cameos- Jambereeqis Coraline review

When in Alcon I… dropped in with Jambereeqi.


Cameos- Plutoburns’s Tokyo Red Riding Hood review

I appear in Pluto Burns’s new episode! (And Im loud!).

Cameos: Magic Steve Visits: Wunderground Magic!

Magic Steve visits a HAUNTED magic shop! Will he come out alive? Watch and find out!