Cameos: Ask Morphine episode 4.



Cameos- Rangoon Riff #28: By Jupiter! (Part 1) Feat. Nash!

Rangoons, Nash and me (for about half a second!).

Cameos: Coming soon, my episode of Mistress Morphine

Mistress Morphine is a nurse (of sorts) who answers questions. I had a question and it’ll be answered in her next episode!

Cameos: Rock Critic Green Day retrospective.

I’m in this one!

Here’s the other part.

Cameos: The Cartoon Physicists anniversary vid!

CHECK IT OUT RIGHT HERE! I complain about Humma Kavala (about 30 mins into part 2).

Cameos: Cartoon Physicist’s Noughtie List – Hellraiser: Deader

The Cartoon Physicist reviews Hellraiser: Deader and I appear to talk about the Haganistan train system.

Cameos: Critics and Creatures

I turn up in Cloak 1s video about Suburban Knights.