Fan Art*- Haganistas Halloween Hagan

Haganistas Halloween Hagan

Haganista, owner of a fine Deviantart collection of NSFW images of me (and the man behind the Hagan Reviews covers) did this for Halloween.

*Does this count as FAN art technically? Answers on a postcard.

Fan Art: Hagan by Ayayah

This stunning bit of art was done by Ayayah. Check out her Deviantart here!

Fan Art- Hagan by Mark McErlean


Hagan pic

Mark McErlean did these great pix!

Fan Art: Diamanda Hagan by Citfej

Diamanda Hagan by citfej

Citfej got bored one night and did this brilliant piece of fan art! Check out the rest of their stuff here!

Fan Art- Hagan by Magic Steve

Hagan by Magic Steve

Magic Steve did this brilliant pic of Hagan!

Fan Art: Me and JesuOtaku by Chotetsumaru

Me and JesU by Chotetsumaru

This fine piece was done by Chotetsumaru. See more of their stuff right here!

FanArt: Kat the Pirates picture of Hagan

Kat the Pirates pic of Hagan

Kat the Pirate did this great pic of Hagan!