Fan Art- Hagan by Mark McErlean


Hagan pic

Mark McErlean did these great pix!

Fan-Art: AniMat505’s Hagan as Sweetums the Muppet

Hagan as Sweetums by Animat

Hagan as Sweetums the Muppet by AniMat505.Check out his deviantart!

Fan Art- Countess G drew Hagan and Aleister

Hagan and Aleister

Countess G did this pic of Hagan and Aleister. I love Aleister has a girlier figure than Hagan (fits with me using a girlier voice to play him)

Here is their tumblr.

Fan Art- Hagan and Aleister kissing by Darklinkthe2nd

Hagan and Aleister

So I was contacted by Darklinkthe2nd about a special bit of fanart because it was my birthday recently. I suggested Aleister and Hagan as a couple because it’d hopefully disturb some people.

Thanks to Darklinkthe2nd and you can see their stuff here!

So… has it disturbed anyone?

Teddy Plays with Himself (A Fan Art Video)

Teddy is ordered to show off some of the fan-art stuff we’ve been sent.

Action Figures, Hagan Throne, Lego stuff by CreatureSH

The Hagan and Teddy Peeps by Dragonwings131

Hagans appearences in Voodoo Walrus can be seen here.

I don’t know who made the scarf, so I apologise. If you read this, thank you so much.

Fan Art: Minion Jethros Hagan and The Omega

JethroQs pic of Hagan and Omega

Minion Jethro did this pic of Hagan and Omega!

Fan Art- Morgan Meryls ‘Am I Diamanda Hagan yet?’

Morgan Meryls 'Am I Diamanda Hagan yet?' Fanart

Morgan Meryl did this piece of Fan Art for the BEST TUMBLR EVER

Here’s Morgan Meryls tumblr.