The Terror trailer review

I’m good at nitpicking and know lots about the Franklin Expedition so I decided to take a look at the trailer for AMCs upcoming show ‘The Terror’.

Here’s my Franklin Expedition/ The Terror vids:

Basics of the Franklin Expedition Part 4

Hagan finishes up with the basics of the Franklin Expedition, The Terror is apparently coming in April 2018!

RC- Star Trek Beyond: The Franklin Expedition

RC episode 15. Lets take a quick look at parallels between Star Trek Beyond and The Franlin Expedition.

Basics of the Franklin Expedition Part 3

As she waits for The Terror to air, Hagan continues with her guide to the most depressing scavenger hunt of the Victorian era.

Some useful websites for more info.
Visions of the North:
Erebus and Terror files:

The Terror (and the basics of The Franklin Expedition)

An attempt to get you interested in watching AMCs upcoming show ‘The Terror’ by explaining the shows real life background- The Franklin Expedition (aka ‘English people need to learn to shut up and take advice’).