Hagan and a new Minion

Hagan and Minion

Met on Halloween in Derry.

S**t people who comment on Hagan reviews say.

These are all actual comments my vids have gotten over the years. Most of them came from The Spoony Experiment, TGWTG and Youtube.

Fan Art- BeckyHops ‘Prince Lupa and the Courtship of Hagan’

BeckyHops 'Courtship of Hagan'

This picture was inspired by this twitter exchange.

Here’s Beckyhops devart. Check her out!

Fan Art- Hagan by Magic Steve

Hagan by Magic Steve

Magic Steve did this brilliant pic of Hagan!

Fan Art- Countess G drew Hagan and Aleister

Hagan and Aleister

Countess G did this pic of Hagan and Aleister. I love Aleister has a girlier figure than Hagan (fits with me using a girlier voice to play him)

Here is their tumblr.

Fan Art- Hagan and Aleister kissing by Darklinkthe2nd

Hagan and Aleister

So I was contacted by Darklinkthe2nd about a special bit of fanart because it was my birthday recently. I suggested Aleister and Hagan as a couple because it’d hopefully disturb some people.

Thanks to Darklinkthe2nd and you can see their stuff here!

So… has it disturbed anyone?

Fan Art- Randomart01123’s Hagan pix


Hagan enthroned

Randomart01123 has done some mspaint pixbefore working on a canvas painting of Hagan.

I really love the jacket and cant wait to see the finished painting.

Here is their deviantart