Stuck in Your Head- Danger Mouse theme

This is a little Bitter sweet. Okay, backstory. In Sept 2012 JewWario did an episode of ‘Stuck in Your Head’ on the Danger Mouse theme and asked me to be involved. I had not seen his show and misunderstood what was needed so I sent him this footage. It was too late to re-do my stuff and so the ep went out without me. I recently found this original file that I sent to Justin and I thought someone somewhere might enjoy it. Are you that person?


R.I.P. JewWario..

So it looks like its not a sick joke or a hoax or something equally messed up. Justin ‘JewWario’ Carmical died on Thursday the 23rd of January. I don’t think I ever had the honour of meeting his wife but I’m sure she’s a wonderful woman and I mourn for her loss. Justin was one of my favourite people in the internet reviewing thing. He was kind, giving and an all round wonderful human being. In all my time with him Id never heard a bad word, an insult or anything unkind from him. He took everything in his stride with a smile and a laugh. I’m sorry I’ll never get to work with him again. Or see him smile, or be crushed by one of his hugs.

I don’t know what’s caused this so please don’t ask me. Just join me in hoping that things go as well as they can for his widow.

If you have any memories of Justin please post them here.

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