Crossover- Day of the Doctor with Last Angry Geek

I turn up to bitch about Day of the Doctor in the latest episode of ‘You know Who’


Backseat Critique- Enders Game (Honest!!!)

Hagan, Robyn the Minion and Omega watched a movie about a kid trained to fight aliens via a video game.*

*I really fucking hope some of you are familiar with The Last Starfighter.

Flubs- Last House on Dead End Street

A collection of Flubs, bloopers and alternate takes from the Last House on Dead End Street review.

Special Review- Last House on Dead End Street

Hagan watches an infamous piece of 70s sleaze.

The Last Light (Nanoviews)

A Nanoview is a short movie review that’s less character based and has less spoilers. Movies covered will USUALLY be ones I bought as possible full reviews but decided against. The Last Light is owned by Yellow Fever.

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