Basics of the Franklin Expedition part 2

A more detailed look at the depressing soap opera behind the real events that inspired AMCs upcoming show “The Terror. A further look at The Franklin Expedition (aka ‘English people need to learn to shut up and take advice’).

Some useful websites for more info.
Visions of the North:
Erebus and Terror files:

The incredible thing known as CROZIERTALE:


Renegade Cunt- Prometheus: Bonekickers the Motion Picture

Hagan details the striking parallels between Ridley Scotts Prometheus and The BBCs ‘hit’ show Bonekickers.

Renegade Cunt- Police Academy: The Spirits of Justice

The latest of my random essay-type vids, this ones about The Blue Oyster.

Renegade Cunt- C Me Dance: An Inconvenient Antichrist

Is Sherri the most successful Antichrist in Christiansploitation history?

Here’s the C Me Dance review.

Renegade Cunt- The Encounter: Jesus is an Eldritch Abomination

Too long, didn’t watch: Everything that occurs in a story featuring an omnipotent character must occur with (at least) that characters tacit approval.