Hagan reviews Season 06 ep 08 Sugar High Glitter City

Everyone involved in this got a jolly ranchering.

Lesbian Talk Episode #88: El Bostono

This week we’re joined by patron A Flying Brick, coming to you live all the way from Australia! It’s an English-language-speaking trio of accents as we discuss the latest celebrations and revelations of gay marriage and the in’s and out’s of Australian cinema/TV (hint, Omega watched a documentary on cane toads once on Netflix).

Lesbian Talk Episode #87: Trailer Park Vacation

Happy summer, everyone! This episode we explore the Northern Irish summer and their national vacation oddities, Hagan details her plans for a Dragon Age: Origins TV series (in exacting detail), her true feelings on the War Doctor, and occasional-minion Neil explains to everyone why they’re wrong about time travel.

Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode 86 (Mad about Max)

We’re back from our hiatus and ready to rock out with our…Max’s out! Join us for the latest Doctor Who rumors, tales of marriage, additional thoughts on Mad Max: Fury Road, and all the inside dirt on everything else!

Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode83 (Chatting with Sean Weathers)

This week we sit down with indie filmmaker Sean Weathers and discuss his works (They All Must Die, Hookers In Revolt, Scumbag Hustler, and more!), his take on indie filmmaking over the past 15 years, and his sage advice for anyone looking to break into the field. Also, are his abs ripped? All this and more in episode 83!

Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode82 (At Akumakon with MasakoX)

It’s Lesbian Talk live from Akumakon in scenic Galway! Joining us, are Nicola (the Avatar of Decent Humor) and MasakoX of TeamFourStar as we tell tales of the con, tales of Old Person Anime, and how to talk to Irish townspeople about anime..

Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode78 (Ikea Cybermen)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! We talk about… Lesbian stuff! Like… excitement over Dragon Age Inquisition and the final episode of New Who Season 8- DEATH IN HEAVEN.