Renegade Cunt- X-Men: Poor Wolverine

Renegade Cunt episode 9. X-Men Days of Future Past has a really fucked up ending.

Hagan reviews Season 06 episode 05 Hookers in Revolt

Its like Animal Farm.. but with prostitutes!

Cameos- Screencrashers Final Fantasy Advent Children review

I (and MAAAAANY other) turn up in the Screen Crashers one year anniversary! I’M A MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON!

Panels- 10 Films you probably haven’t heard of (Brocon 2015)

Hagan talked about obscure films at Brocon 2015. The films discussed are: C Me Dance, Clash of Empires, Mercury Man, Mystics in Bali, Repligator, Six String Samurai, Versus, Wild Zero Zsazsa Zaturrnah and Cockhammer!*


Hagan Reviews Season 06 Episode 01 Vijayendra Varma (Power of an Indian)

Hagan opens season 6 by looking at an infamously over the top Indian movie.

If Vijayendra Varma review is blocked then try here!

Starrbooty Uncensored!

Starrbooty has joined the growing legion of uncensored episodes of Hagan Reviews, it and the others is now available for $5 and up Patrons at

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Other uncensored episodes include: Schizophreniac the Whore Mangler, Necromaniac, Naked Killer, Bad Biology, Confessions of a Trickbaby, Emmanuelle 4, Emmanuelle 5, The Perils of Gwendoline, Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy and Stonewall and Riot.

If you are a Patron, please feel free to suggest the next ep I should uncensor for your viewing ‘pleasure’!

Special Review- Left behind 3: World at War

Hagans years long battle with the Left behind series comes to an end… OR HAS IT?! (No. Fucking remake.. )