A Livestream with SnakeGirlSarah

Omega and I talk Queer Stuff, Psychology, Doctor Who and much more with SnakeGirlSarah!


Alcon Lets Try

Me, Omega, Filmbrain, Ashens, SofieLiv (from The Agony Booth) and a civilian without a show partook of some Danish/ British/ Irish foodstuffs!

Backseat Critique- Logan

Hagan saw Logan, Omega was busy being not-wanting-to-be-depressed to go.

Backseat Critique- Captain America: Civil War

Omega and Hagan did a Captain America marathon and saw the 1st showing of Civil War in the city. Squeeee. Not much spoilers ahead!

Special Review- 13th Child: Legend of the Jersey Devil

New Jersey is welcome to this movie.

Omegas site

Lets Try with omega- Scottish and American stuff

Thanks to Sandy I have a few more days with Omega. We did a lets try…