Happy week, everyone! We’re diving full swing into the PewDiePie controversy with our thoughts, the 1979 classic disaster film ‘City on Fire’, why I hate Disney 1960’s live-action comedies, and Hagan shares her birthday present: the Asian Horror Boxset!

Lesbian Talk Ep. #108: The Last Lesbians

Happy Burns Night, everyone! Got your haggis ready? This week we’re talking Scottish supremacy, bad poetry, dishing on our expectation for the Power Rangers movie (and my issues with Rita’s poor villain skills), plus our thoughts on the reveal for Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

Lesbian Talk Ep. #107: How Cromwell Stole Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving, everyone! It least, it was a few days ago. Join your favourite contrarian Hagan as she learns the true meaning of Thanksgiving (via watching ‘A Mouse on the Mayflower’, 1968) and is horrified by it. Also in this episode, the UK is failing to Black Friday.

Lesbian Talk Episode #106: Gettin’ Derry With It

This week we’re joined by professional Irish person (and Channel Awesome personality) John Ruddy! We’ll talk all of the history, so we will, and the goings-on about town in Derry when it’s the Halloween on. You can find John on his channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/RudtheSpud) so Like and Subscribe!

Lesbian Talk Ep. #105: Chuckie Goes to Sex Ed

This week we cover why long-awaited horror sequels are usually good (while remakes are not), how exactly I learned about the birds and the bees, we tell of an epic quest bearing Moses (DVDs) to the Nile (CEX), and exactly why I’m drinking tonight.

Lesbian Talk Episode #104: Nazi Ghost Toilets

Wow, yeah, lots to cover this week, such as us moving to a new flat, all the insane films I’ve had to watch since, the ins and outs of reincarnation slasher films, the mystery of the gay mugs, and just what would you do if Hitler’s ghost was your roommate?

Lesbian Talk Episode #103: Raising Hellraiser with Peter Scott

Greetings, gentle listeners! This week we’re joined by patron Peter Scott to talk AlCon 2016 (which we all attended) and he delves into his ‘obscure goodies’ pile of horror movies to run a few by the great Hagan. Also, which Hellraiser film was best and why?